2014-2015 Ahl - Van Norwick Grand Family 

MOTTO: Together Everyone Achieves More
AIM: Increasing Our Order Through Teamwork
EMBLEMS: WGM: Treasure chest, Quilt WGP: Peace Pole
FUN EMBLEMS: WGM: Ladybug WGP: Penguin
COLORS: WGM: All Colors WGP: Blue
FLOWERS: WGM: All Flowers - Bright and Beautiful WGP: Tulips, Orchids
SCRIPTURE: WGM: Ecclesiates 4:9 WGP: Romans 12:21
SONGS: WGM: God Bless the USA WGP: On Eagles Wings, Peace in the Valley
PROJECTS: Pathways' Boutique, Coupons for Servicemen's Families, Knitting/Crocheting for Hospitals and the Babies, Blood Drives
CHARTITIES: Benevolence, Education, Service Dogs
TRAVEL COMPANIONS: Travel Companions
GRAND CHAPTER SESSION: Our Treasured Memories