April mailing from the Grand Secretary




April 2017 

Dear Secretary:


By the calendar, spring is here – hopefully the warm weather will catch up soon.  One of your responsibilities is to help keep your Chapter informed.  Please share the contents of this mailing with your Worthy Matron so she may plan her meeting and take care of matters that might need the action of your Chapter.   As Chapter Secretary you are expected to print ALL pages of the monthly mailings, if you receive them via e-mail.  Even the pages you are not required to read at the meeting must be printed for your files and for members to read if they request.  ALL documents in the monthly mailing carry the same importance however some are not required to be read in their entirety at the meeting. 




1)      MESSAGE FROM THE WORTHY GRAND MATRON AND PATRON.  (1 pg)  This is to be read in its entirety to your members at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

2)      GRAND CHAPTER EASTER GREETINGS.  (1 pg)  This is to be read in its entirety to your members at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

3)      EASTER VESPER SERVICE  (3 pgs) This service should be given at your stated meeting in April.

4)      MEMORIAL TRIBUTE – PGM MARJORIE BARTON. (1 flyer dbl-sided)  At least the front page of this tribute should be read at your April Stated Meeting and the Altar draped.




5)      PATHWAYS VAN SHIRT ORDER FORM (1 pg)  Please let your members know about this shirt…this is an updated from. 

6)      PAST GRANDS EXEMPLIFICATION (1 pg)  Michigan Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons invite every member to witness their work.




7)  2016 BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS ORDER FORM.  (1 pg) Please let your members know if they are interested in purchasing a Proceedings book  or CD from last year, we must receive the request not later than May 1st.

8)  WORTHY GRAND MATRON’S ITINERARY.  (2 pgs)  Please remind the members you have this information.




Pages 19, 25, 73 – PGM Frances Carlson, Chapter Consultant and Luce Chapter Secretary has a new telephone number…906-293-6422;

Page 14 – PGM Hazel Chapman has a new address: 915 North York A#!, Essexville, MI  49732;

Page 25  - PGM Lurene Calloway no longer has email;

Page 34 – Alma Chapter No. 43 Stated Meetings are on the second Thursday at 7:30pm.



All legislation to be presented at the 2016 Grand Chapter Session must be received by MAY 31, 2017.  Please send one copy, to the Grand Secretary and one copy to the Chairman of Jurisprudence, PGM Mary Lockridge.  Appropriate signatures and the chapter seal are required on all proposed legislation. (Reference – Law Book, Article 35. AMENDMENTS, page 42.)  Chapter Secretary – please communicate this date to your members at your stated meeting.




- Past Grand Matron Hazel Chapman underwent gall bladder surgery on March 14. 

- Past Grand Matron Margaret Belknap passed away on March 14.  A Memorial Service will be held at a later date in Bay City.

- Associate Grand Conductress Marsha Mead had a second surgery on March 13 when a broken bone was discovered.

- Knee surgery scheduled in February Travel Companion for Joan Waterbury, Starliner Journal, Darene Sargent was postponed and was rescheduled for March 29.



Secretary – Information for you:

COURTESY INITIATIONS – As a point of information, if your Chapter is hosting a Grand Officer Exemplification (G.O.E.X.) the upper portion of the Courtesy Initiation form (No. 28) is to be completed by the Chapter which the candidate will become a member.  The entire form is to be given to the Grand Secretary at the G.O.E.X.  She completes the lower portion of the form, places the Grand Chapter seal on the form and returns the lower portion of the form to the requesting Chapter.  If multiple candidates are initiated at the G.O.E.X. as a courtesy, a separate form is required for each candidate.


DECEASED FORMER MEMBERS – If you learn that a former member has passed away we would appreciate it if you would contact the Grand Chapter Office with the date of their passing.  Though the member may have taken a demit, withdrawn or been suspended, we would like to add date of death on their record.  Many times missing birth dates may be obtained from obituaries.  We would appreciate that information as well.


IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER – DEMITS may not be issued to members who are dual in your Chapter (pg 53, Section 7a – Dual Membership, number 6).  Please read this portion of the Law Book for instructions.


Hallelujah!!! Christ has Risen!!!  Because of His sacrifice we can have eternal life.

Mary A. Ivey, Grand Secretary

E-mail:  secretary@mi.oes.org

Michigan Grand Chapter website:  mioes.org



Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


It’s April already, can you believe it!  Time is sure going by fast!  This month several things are happening. 


The Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family will be busy attending several receptions, association meetings, Chapter meetings and three GOEX’s.  With all the receptions happening, this might be a good time to remind all that collect reservation money to make sure you deposit the checks when you receive them.   Don’t hold off cashing checks until after the function, checks are easily misplaced or lost. 


Welcome Spring! This is the time of the year that Mother Nature does her spring cleaning.  She washes away the dirt and grime left behind by our winter months.  She makes her house green with grass and leaves on trees and decorates with beautiful spring flowers.  She makes her house smell clean by having the spring winds blow away the stale air. 


Maybe this is the time of the year for our Chapters to do the same thing.  Open the windows of your Lodge’s and mind’s dust the shelves and open our hearts to the idea of new things happening in your Chapters.  Get together to have a spring cleaning and you might invite people into your Chapters to see how much fun you have getting together.


I have heard of many Chapters trying new ideas to bring the Masons and outsiders into their Chapters by having something different to attract them.  Check out the OES in Motion on Facebook, see what other Chapters are doing to have fun, and maybe try it out.  Break away from old ideas that aren’t working, try something new and exciting because if you’re excited about something others might join too.


By now all Chapters have received our questionnaire regarding our schools of instruction. The comments I have received so far have been very enlightening and informative.   Thank you for taking the time to fill them out and share your thoughts with us. 


I just want to share a thought with you during our Easter Season “It is the Friends we meet along the road, who help us appreciate the Journey.”  Sometimes we get so busy in our lives we forget to take time to spend with our friends and families. 


This is the month we celebrate Easter and we wish for you great times with family and friends but hope you don’t eat too much good food or candy.  HAPPY EASTER!


Angel Hugs and Nutcracker Smiles!


Colleen Wilcenski                                                                    Robert Otte

Worthy Grand Matron                                                             Worthy Grand Patron








I Feel It In The Air


I know it’s Easter time again,

I feel it in the air.

The breath of spring with woodsy tang,

And new life everywhere.

And spring glides on with magic touch

O’er mountain side and glen;

And wakens all the sleeping plants

For Easter time again.


The brooklets leap from rock to rock,

As if in joyful play;

The flowers peep from darkened tombs

To welcome Easter Day.

The birds are swinging on the boughs,

And trill in ecstasy;

They seem to show the world’s great joy

Of Easter mystery.


Why should we dread

The thing called death?

It’s just an open door,

Where all within is love and peace

And joy forever more.

“Because I live, you too shall live,”

We hear the Savior say.

Let’s consecrate our lives anew,

On this glad Easter Day.


-          Author Edna Reed –


With Angel Love, Leprechaun Smiles and Nutcracker Hugs


Colleen Wilcenski                                              Robert Otte, Jr.

Worthy Grand Matron                                        Worthy Grand Patron


Mary Ivey

Grand Secretary






Worthy Matron THE SISTER STAR POINTS MAY FILL THE BASKET WITH AS MANY OF THE ITEMS AS THEY CAN or you can just have them imagine they are filling the baskets.


WM: Think back to your grandparents childhood and try and remember how they might have celebrated Easter. Times were a little tough on families and many times they had to make with a lot less.


Easter Baskets and many of the Easter trimmings were made by hand and even the baskets were made by hand. Balloons were blown up and wrapped with crochet cotton thread soaked in sugar water. When the string dried I broke the balloons and cut an opening in the top for candies, small toys and the Easter grass.


If Sister Adah was helping to fill our basket she would find a beautiful blue ribbon, a blue car, a blue colored egg and wonderful blue mints.


If Sister Ruth was helping to fill our basket she would find lovely yellow spring tulips, a bright yellow apple and a little yellow chick.


If Sister Esther was helping to fill our basket she would find a tall white Easter Lily, a small white Easter bunny, and delicious white chocolate.


If Sister Martha was helping to fill our basket she would find lovely green ferns, green Easter grass and green jelly beans.


If Sister Electa was helping to fill our basket she would find a stately red rose, red ripe strawberries and a red heart to show her love.




WM: (continues with peom)


The first Easter morning

Was filled with despair,

Until the woman went to the tomb

And found Jesus wasn’t there.

Instead, two men in clothing bright

Appeared to them and said:

“Why is it you seek the living,

Here among the dead?


He is not here. He has risen,

Fulfilling the promise he made.”


The woman bowed before thm.

They were trembling and afraid.

How soon they had forgotten,

How soon fear had destroyed belief,

And, they who’d witnessed miracles,

Were swallowed up in grief.


We can’t criticize them,

For we react in kind,

When faced with grief and hardship,

We often leave our faith behind.

We need to travel back in time,

To the tomb on that Sunday morn,

For by recalling what happened there,

Our faith will be reborn.


By Arlene Kelsey


CHAPLAIN:    Heavenly Father, we thank you for your most wonderful gift of Jesus. May He live in our hearts and may we show His love to all. “He has Risen”.


EVERYONE: “He has risen indeed”


We hope you have enjoyed this trip back in time, to the blessed garden and tomb, where Jesus broke the grip of death.


Lurene Calloway – Past Grand Matron

Diane L. Parks – Past Grand Matron



In Memoriam


Marjorie E. Baker Barton

Past Grand Matron of Michigan

1974 – 1975


Member of Ashlar Chapter No. 378


Born August 27, 1926 – Sublette, Kansas

Passed Away February 12, 2017 – St. James, Missouri


“I will sing unto the Lord as long as I love:

I will sing praise to my God while I have my being…”

Psalm 104:33




In Tribute to the Life of

Marjorie E. Baker Barton

Past Grand Matron of Michigan



Marjorie Baker was the first born of five children. She began life on August 27, 1926 and later was followed by three brothers and a sister.


Music, music, music could be said to have been the gift God gave Marjorie and she shared her gift with hundreds, if not thousands. Marjorie graduated as Valedictorian of her high school class in Kansas and went on to study in college. During her studies, a young man returning home after serving in the Army Air Corps, caught Marjorie’s eye. She and Donald Barton were married on October 4, 1946, the beginning of 60 years together. To this union were born three children, Donald Steven, Charles Larry, and Marsha.


The first decade of their marriage was spent in Kansas as the family grew. Donald worked as a Federal employee of the Department of the Army which in 1955 took the family to Missouri and eventually to Michigan. Don’s Masonic membership in Sante Fe Lodge No. 3121 of Sublette, Kansas gave Marjorie her affiliation. On May 3, 1948 she was initiated in Santa Fe Chapter No. 470 the Chapter in which her grandfather served as the first Worthy Patron in 1910. On that May evening, little did she know just where her Fraternal life would take her. After the family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, Marj took her membership in 1958 to Bridgeton Chapter No. 266. Moving next to Michigan, in 1963 she brought her membership to Davis Chapter No. 402 which became Davis-Armada in 1969, then Davis-Utica No. 240 in 1992 and lastly, Ashlar No. 378 in 2001.


In Michigan, Marj was an active member. Shortly after affiliating with Davis Chapter, she advanced through the Line to become Worthy Matron in 1965-66. The Order was the benefactor of her love of music. In 1966-67 she was selected Grand Soloist for the Hiller-Wiseman Grand Family. Then in 1968-69 she was appointed Grand Chaplain for the Koken-Scherf Grand Family. She was elected Associate Grand Conductress in 1971 and installed as Worthy Grand Matron serving in 1974-75 with Robert Hayes as her Worthy Grand Patron. Their year was filled with mice and music. She had a collection of more than a thousand mice figurines, a collection which was started by Pat Parks-Davis when Marj was Grand Soloist. With 4,000 plus members of their “Symphony of Service” Session, they honored Most Worthy Grand Patron D. LaVerne Courtney, Michigan’s Past Grand Patron. Narration for each Session was constructed around various musical movements. Each Worthy Patron (440 total) was given one dollar at the beginning of the year and asked to make it grow. At the closing of the books their dollars had grown to well over $10,000.00. Marj was very proud of the establishment of the Heart Fund during her year as a memorial to her father. A portion of the “Chordbuilder” Worthy Patrons special “Dollar Grows” Project started that Heart Fund. The rest of the dollars were allocated to the Cancer Fund in memory of Don’s father.


On March 4, 1999 Davis-Utica Chapter honored Marjorie when they elected her to Life Membership. If anyone deserved the honor, she did for her very long and distinguished life of service. She stated on her Petition that her attendance record was “regular and loved every minute!” Her enthusasium for the Order was evident and real to all who had the privilege to know her. Marjorie not only played the piano and organ, sang and taught music, she wrote music as well. Many Grand Family songs were composed by Marj beginning with the Arnold-Johnson and right through the Bateman-Martin years. She also composed “Going to General Grand” for Past Grand Patron F. Lawrence Coy when he chaired the Triennial Arrangements. She wrote “Courtney’s Grand March” for Most Worthy Grand Patron D. LaVerne. Outside of Eastern Star Marj taught in elementary school from 1944-1946. In Michigan she worked in the vocal music department at Utica High School for over 15 years.


She said her greatest joy in Eastern Star was her appointment to direct the “Say It With Music” Choir at General Grand Chapter in St Louis. Many Michigan members sang under her direction in that choir of over 180 voices. She sang many times in severl Grand Jurisdictions and for various General Grand Chapter Sessions. She also sang, played piano and organ for installations and played organ/piano duets.


Her children shared her musical talents and joined her in song for a variety of Eastern Star events. She was thrilled when her mother was initiated as the final candidate while she was the Strand-Weeks Grand Conductress in New Temple Chapter, Jackson, Michigan as a courtesy initiation for Finney Chapter, Garden City, Kansas.


Following her year in the Grand Chapter East, Marjorie continued to serve Michigan Grand Chapter being appointed to other responsibilities during her time in the state. She was appointed to the Shriners Hospital Committee of General Grand Chapter in 1976-79. In 1986 she and Don returned home to St. James, Missouri for their remaining years. She retained her Michigan membership and in 1987 became a dual member in St. James Chapter No. 235.


In her lifetime Marjorie’s music was silenced on several occasions. When she lost er parents, when her son Stephen was tragically killed in an automobile accident, when the love of her life Don passed away on November 20, 2006 and when her son Larry lost his battle with cancer.


On the afternoon of February 12, 2017 our Sister took a nap and awoke in the arms of her Savior. We can only imagine that she is filling the Heavens with her music. Left to mourn are her daughter Marsha Honeycutt, sister Barbara Burnside, brothers Charles, Robert and Bryce and all her Eastern Star Sisters and Brothers. A service to celebrate her life was held on February 17 at her Methodist Church in St. James. She was laid to rest next to her Don in Sublette, Kansas. “Sing” cerely, Sister Marj.


“You have written your ‘Symphony of Service’

With your time, your talents, and much more…

Your ‘service’ provided the lyrics…

Your devotion and love formed the ‘score.’


With our Almighty God as Conductor…

Directing each movement from above,

How else to refer to your Symphony,

Than to call it a ‘Melody of Love’?”

By Geralding G. Roe


Submitted with Fraternal Love,

Mary A Ivey, Grand Secretary






Name _________________________________________        Date ______________________

Address _______________________________________

City, State, Zip __________________________________

Phone ___________________________



Colors :  Royal Blue, Yellow (Polo = Gold), White, Medium Green, Red, Purple

Sizes:     S   M   L   XL   2X   3X   4X  (generous unisex sizes) all 50% cotton/50% polyester blend

POLO  w/embroidered star  $25     or     T-shirt w/silk screened star   $20


Quantity ___      SIZE _____      COLOR _______     STYLE _______     COST  $ _________

Quantity ___      SIZE _____      COLOR _______     STYLE _______     COST  $ _________

Quantity ___      SIZE _____      COLOR _______     STYLE _______     COST  $ _________

Quantity ___      SIZE _____      COLOR _______     STYLE _______     COST  $__________

                                                                                                          TOTAL $_________

Total payment in cash or check (made out to: Grand Chapter) must accompany order.  Please give to any Pathways Van Project member; or mail to Jack Wade, 1081 Roman Dr,  Flint, MI   48507.  Questions?  Phone 810-767-3758.     Delivery approx. 2 weeks.





Howell Chapter No. 372
Mt. Morris Chapter No.474
Cordially invites you to attend the Past Grands GOEX
Saturday June 10, 2017

Executive Board Meeting 10:00 a.m.


Registration 11:00 a.m.


Luncheon 12:30 p.m.


GOEX---2:00 p.m.

Past Grands' will exemplify the degrees


at  Mt. Morris Chapter No. 474

810 North Street

Mt. Morris, MI.48458


Reservations with remittance of $14.50 by May 25, 2017


Send to:

Nancy A, Martin, PGM

13622 Harrisburg Ct.

Hartland, Mi. 48353


Please make checks payable to Nancy Martin

No cancellations after May 25, 2017

Limited 175. Formal attire






Order Form

2016 Book of Proceedings



If you desire a 2016 “Every Mile A Memory” Book of Proceedings, please complete this form and RETURN NO LATER THAN MAY 1, 2017 to the Grand Chapter Office, 13464 Preston Drive, Suite 250, Marshall, MI  49068-9684 or email your order to:  secretary@mioes.org.  (No orders will be accepted after May 1st.)




                              Book Type                       Quantity                  



                        Hardcover Books are no longer available.



                   Softcover three-hole  Book     ________________    



                   Unbound Book (loose pages)  ________________ 



                   CD                                           ________________       






Name ___________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________________


City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________________


An invoice will be included with your order.

We do not have a price for the book at this time.






Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


Worthy Grand Matron's Itinerary

APRIL 2017


1          Grand Bethel Honored Queen – Reception – Grand Rapids Masonic Center

            233 East Fulton, Grand Rapids.  Registration 4:00 pm, dinner 5:00 pm, Exemplification to follow.  Reservations of $15.00 payable to Bethel #10 Grand Rapids – JDI send to Nancy Myers by March 24th.  Attire: Formal  


6          Elisabeth Webster Club at Hastings Masonic Temple 106 State St., Hastings

Registration 11:00 am, Pot Luck Lunch at Noon, Meeting at 1:00pm.  Meat, rolls, beverage and table service provided.  Reservations to Shelia Huis.  Attire:  OES Casual.   Ladies and Gents are invited to wear their Easter Bonnets.  There will be prizes for the prettiest/most handsome, biggest and funniest.


7          Grand Representative Reception for Cheryl Rosander (Strickland/Abbey) at First United Methodist Church of Saline.   1200 N. Ann Arbor St., Saline.   Registration. 5:00 pm, Dinner 6:30 pm, Program 7:30 pm. Reservations of $15.00 payable to Saline Chapter #311 send to Helen Lauterwasser by March 24th. Limited Seating 120.    Attire:  Formal


8          Southeastern Michigan Association Meeting at Samaria Masonic Temple 1660 Samaria Rd., Temperance, Registration and Bake Sale 10:30 am, Lunch Noon, Soup and Salad Lunch,  Meeting 1:30 pm. Reservations for count to Barbara Shaneour By March 31st.  Lunch donations to go to the Worthy Grand Matron’s Charity.  Attire:  Formal


10        Convention Meeting 


11        Reception for Dale Kane at Curtis Building 209 S. Sheldon Street, Edmore.  Registration 4:30 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm.   Reservations of $15.00 payable to Edmore Chapter 111 and send to Vi Snively by April 1st.    Attire: OES Casual


12        Easter Visit at Alma Pathways & Grand Family.  Masonic Pathways 1200 Wright Ave, Alma.  Coffee Hour, Label Easter greetings for residents 10:00 am, Grand Family Meeting at 11:30 am, Lunch 12:30 pm, Program in Chapel 2:00 pm.  Reservations of $12.00 payable to Grand Chapter OES of Michigan and send to Michael Morse by April 3rd.  Attire: OES Casual


19       GOEX honoring Dawn Torpey, Jack Wade, Carol Pilkiewicz at Swartz Creek Masonic Temple 7839 Miller Road, Swartz Creek.  Registration 4:00 pm, Dinner 5:00 pm, GOEX 7:00 pm.  Reservations of $15.00 payable to Linden #175, send to Marilyn Ivey Crook, Secretary, by April 7th.  (810) 287 4864.  Attire: Formal


20        1867 Degree Birthday Celebration. Coldwater #1    45 E. Chicago, Coldwater

Building Tours at 2:30 pm, Registration 4:00 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm, Program 7:30 pm.  Reservations of $18.00 payable to Coldwater #1 and send to Carrie Welsh – Stout by April 10th.  Limited seating 175      Attire: 1867 style or Formal.


21        MI/OH Exchange at Ypsilanti Masonic Temple 5752 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti    Registration 4:30 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm, Program 7:00 pm.  Reservations of $18.00 payable to Ypsilanti Chapter #119 send to Mary Grace Gordon by April 15th.   Questions or cancellations only (734) 484 2733. Attire: Formal


22        GOEX and Reception for Debbie Moore at Mt. Morris Temple 810 North St., Mt. Morris.  Registration 10:30 am, Lunch Noon, GOEX 2:00 pm.  Reservations of $15.00 payable to I C Friendship #252 by April 9th to Lori Peacock. Attire: Formal


23       Star & Compass – Spring Luncheon at Wayne Masonic Temple 37137 Palmer Road, Westland MI .  Registration 2:00 pm, Lunch 3:00 pm, Reservations $15.00 payable to Star and Compass Club mail to Gail Kwiatkowski  by April 15th.  Attire: Sunday Best (no Jeans)


24        Educational Board Meeting – Mason Chapter


25        Executive Board Meeting – Victoria Chapter


25        Reception – Farmington Masonic Temple 23715 Farmington Road, Farmington MI honoring Faith Dew, Mary Jo Groves, Linda Koshowsky, and Gilda Wong.  Registration 5:00 pm, Dinner 6:00 pm, Program to follow. Reservations of $12.00 by April 18th to Mary Lockridge, PGM,.   Attire:  OES Casual. Limited to 100 people


26       GOEX honoring David O’Connell at Clio Masonic Center 714 N. Mill Street, Clio 48420 Registration 4:00 pm, Dinner 5:30 pm, GOEX 7:00 pm.  Reservations of $15.00 payable to Vienna Chapter #283 send to Jill Cherwinski, by April 19th. (810) 639 5864.   Attire:  Formal


29th     Blessings of Joy Tea Party at Fairfield Chapter 1059 Seneca St., Adrian.  Reservations of $10.00 payable to Fairfield Chapter #224 send to Karen Lambka by April 17th.  Questions call (517) 270 1230.  All proceeds to Masonic Pathway Van Project.  Attire: OES Casual


Any questions please contact the WGM’s Secretary, Linda Otte at (248) 426 8429 or cell (248) 345 – 9436.  Or by email: blotte@sbcglobal.net