February mailing from the Grand Secretary 





February 2018


Dear Secretary:

Happy Valentines Day to all you special secretaries.  Please share the contents of this mailing with your Worthy Matron so she may plan her meeting and take care of matters that might need the action of your Chapter.  As Chapter Secretary you are expected to print all pages of the monthly mailings, if you receive them via e-mail.  Even the pages you are not required to read at the meeting must be printed for your files and for members to read if they request.  ALL documents in the monthly mailing carry the same importance however some are not required to be read in their entirety at the meeting. 



1)      MESSAGE FROM THE WORTHY GRAND MATRON AND PATRON.  (1 pg)  This is to be read at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

2)      MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO PGP JOHN SNIDER.  (1 flyer)  Please read at least the front page of this memorial at your Stated Meeting.

3)      EDUCATIONAL BOARD LETTER.  (1 pg)  This is to be read at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

4)      QUESTIONS ABOUT PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS AND REPORT FORM (2 pgs)  The page with questions is to be read at the stated meeting.



5)      TRIBUTE TO HONORED LIFE MEMBERS.  (3 pgs)  Please at least read the underlined names and Chapters at your Stated Meeting.  Some of your members may know these Sisters.

6)      PATHWAYS EASTER VISIT INFORMATION.  (1 pg) Please share this information with your members.  Everyone is invited to attend this Easter visit.



7)      WORTHY GRAND MATRON’S ITINERARY.  (1 pg)  Please remind the members you have this information.

8)      WOODIE’S PROJECT REPORT FORM.  (1 pg)  Please give this report form to your Worthy Patron to use when he reports to Project Chairman, PGP Joseph Holland.




Page 12 Jurisprudence Frederick “Fred” Miller, new email address:  fmiller1641@gmail.com;

Page 12 Legal Advisor R. Diana Bare, new email address:  coiluck7@gmail.com;

Page 21 Past Grand Patron Frederick D. Miller, new email address:  fmiller1641@gmail.com;

Page 33 Belleville No. 73 Secretary change from Belleville to Van Buren Twp., MI  48111-2588; 

Page 51 Fairfield No. 224 no longer has a telephone and the Temple address should be 1059 Seneca St.  Turn right off State Route M-52.;

Page 61 Breckenridge No. 323, Meetings called off January and February;

Page 72 Bedford No.471, Meeting time 7:00pm;

Page 78 Honorary Life Members John N. Snider passed away December 12, 2017, Irene Hassenzahl passed away July 26, 2017 and Norma Hall passed away July 10, 2017;

Page 79 Honorary Life Member Deana Lillie passed away September 6, 2017;

Page 80 Honorary Life Member Jean Hill passed away August 18, 2017;

Page 81 Honorary Life Member August 30, 2015.



The 2017 Law Book and Book of Instruction Corrections are available for purchase at $2.35 per set plus tax and postage.   The two copies for the Chapter books were mailed along with the Chapter copy of the 2017-18 Directory. 




- Past Grand Patron John Snider passed away December 12, 2017.

- Grand Ruth, Cathi Morse, has been hospitalized and is working through health issues.


Please be careful on the Michigan winter roads. 

We pray that the Sisters and Brothers who have been ill are doing better and that everyone will

avoid the “flu bug” and all the other viruses that are visiting Michigan this year.



- Masonic Relations Committee Member, Roger Kelley, wishes to thank everyone who sent get well cards and prayers his way for a successful surgery and recovery.  Also, a special thank you to WGM Janice Fowler for the extra time she spent sending get well wishes and prayers.  He may need additional surgery to remove pressure from the slipped disk.



The information for Ohio-Michigan Night is in the January 2018 mailing.  Additional information has been received from Ohio that both LaQuinta Inn & Suites and Quality Inn are now both offering an $87.00 rate.  Anyone who has made reservations at LaQuinta will be given the adjusted rate.




Information has been received the MWGM, Sister Helen Westmoreland, has appointed a new OES Journal Editor:  Renee Bearden, 501 Chinquapin Drive, Eglin AFB  FL  32542; email address – OESJournalEditor@easternstar.org. 

Articles and photos for the Journal should be emailed to Sister Renee.




PLEASE review page 53, Section 7a – Dual Member, number 6.   Dual members may not be issued a demit from their dual Chapter.



Please remember, Chapter Secretary, our Law requires that you send all out-of-state demits and the completed Petition for Affiliation (Form 4) to the Grand Secretary BEFORE they are read in chapter. 



Secretary – Life Membership for a Chapter member is not complete until Forms 22 and 22A are completed and mailed to the Grand Chapter Office and a certificate, signed by the Grand Secretary, has been returned.



All Special Dispensation requests are to be mailed to the Worthy Grand Matron along with the $5.00 check made payable to Grand Chapter.  The completed, Special Dispensation form, check for $5.00 and self-addressed, stamped envelope must all be mailed to the Worthy Grand Matron.  If they are mailed to the Grand Chapter office, it will only delay your request.


Mary A. Ivey

Grand Secretary (email address:  secretary@mioes.org)

Grand Chapter (website:  mioes.org)







February 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It’s February – home to one of the sweetest holidays of all – Valentine’s Day! As our Grand Famly started out last October we evolved into a stronger bond as time goes by. That means we may say, and feel, different things as our relationship grows from commitment and endurance, and everything in between – from how it all started to what it has become we wish you a most loving Valentine’s Month.


The fun has just begun, Receptions, G.O.E.X.’s, Fundraisers and Chapter Meetings, what a year it will be. I am asking that you take a close look at Our Chapter Project and work together with other Chapters to complete your stain glass window. It will only be as beautiful as your imagination, you know how excited your Chapter is to have guests sitting on the sidelines, so get out there and excite a neighboring Chapter with your presence. What if you sent the members of another Chapter a valentine? Remember the shoe box decorated for valentines when you were in elementary school, opening them and seeing who gave you a special valentine? Lets send some OES surprises to others.


I am asking that your Chapter take the Proficiency requirements seriously and work to gain new proficiency cards or renew your card if you have one. I gave my proficiency requirements to my chapter at our December meeting, standing behind the Altar, to get my first Proficiency Card. Please Sisters and Brothers, STUDY your Ritual and learn your work, it will give you and your Chapter a sense of pride to know that you can do it. Ask the Proficiency Interest Committee to come to one of your initiations and let your members earn the recognition and special pin from doing their lectures for a Committee Member.


County and District Meetings will be starting soon so please send the information your Chapter has completed to the Committee Chairperson, on the correct forms, so I can announce at the County and District meetings how we are doing on our projects.


Chapter Project: Minta Davis minntad@sbcglobal.net

Woodies Project: Joe Holland jholnd1@aol.com

Proficiency: Nancy Martin germain01@comcast.net

Socks N Shorts for Kids: Lori Strickland Strickland_04@yahoo.com


Sending Positive Praise Your Way,

Janice M. Fowler                                                     Thomas “Tom” R. Huis

Worthy Grand Matron                                              Worthy Grand Patron


In Memoriam
John N Snider
Past Grand Patron of Michigan


Member of Carson City No. 271


Born May 20, 1931   Alma Michigan

Passed Away December 12, 2017    Bath, Michigan


“A friend loveth at all times.”

Proverbs 17:17



In Tribute to the Life of

John N. Snider

Past Grand Patron of Michigan



John N. Snider was born on May 20, 1931 in Alma, Michigan to Milan and Ruth (Richards) Snider, he was an only child. John grew up in Pompeii, gaining in knowledge and graduating as Valedictorian from Fulton High School, in Middleton, with the class of 1949. He then went on to Alma College to study accounting. It was while playing in the Kiltie marching band at college that he met the love of his life, Mary Alice Cook. Scottish kilt type uniforms were worn thus the band name. Romance blossomed and on August 3, 1957 John and Mary Alice were married.


As John pursued a career in accounting/information systems at Oldsmobile, the family grew with the birth of son David and daughter Jennifer. He served as assistant scoutmaster in Boy Scouts and was proud to be a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow, an honor society of the Boy Scouts. One of John’s loves was to decorate for Christmas, especially the outside of the house. He and his neighbors took the sense of neighborhood to a whole new level when they connected their two houses with strings of lights during the Christmas season. He even won the town decorating contest one year.


During John’s employment he saw room-sized computers become personal computers on every desk. He ended his career in 1988 retiring from Electronic Data Systems (EDS) who paired with General Motors for their information systems. This concluded 30 plus years of service.


He was a Master Mason in Middleton Lodge No. 429. With Mary Alice being a fourth generation Eastern Star, on April 29, 1960 John joined the Order in Middleton Chapter No. 318. This began a life of travel and accomplishments. His involvement as an officer in Middleton Chapter began 1961 in the office of Sentinel. By 1969 Worthy Grand Matron Lucille Koken and Worthy Grand Patron John Scherf appointed John to their Membership Committee. When Middleton Chapter consolidated with Carson City Chapter No. 271 in 1980 John continued his active membership. As with most Brothers, he mostly bounced between Associate Patron and Worthy Patron serving, during his membership, a total of at least ten times as Worthy Patron. He did enjoy moving away from the East and West a few times to be Chaplain, Warder and his first office, Sentinel. In 1986 he was recommended to be Grand Representative of Vermont in Michigan by then Worthy Grand Matron Jean Bateman. This was a very special appointment because a mear six years earlier Mary Alice presided over the Michigander Grand Representatives Club and now John was a member.


It was a sad day November 28, 1992 when his Mary Alice answered the call and left this earthly life. John was comforted by family, friends and Eastern Star members. He didn’t shy away from Eastern Star, in face he flourished. He was elected to the line of the Michigander Club and in 1995 became the second Snider, and only Brother, to become President of the Club. It was that same year John was endorsed by his Chapter for Honorary Life Membership in Grand Chapter. An accomplishment of which he was extremely proud. The following year began a whirlwind of service to Grand Chapter. In 1996 he was elected to the Villa Board holding the office of Vice President. Worthy Grand Matron Pamela Waack and Worthy Grand Patron Ronald New chose John to be on their Publicity Committee. In recognition of his service, Carson City Chapter elected him to Life Membership on December 7, 1998.


Seeking further service to the Order, he was elected Grand Sentinel at the “A Touch of Winter Magic” Grand Chapter Session and advanced through the line to become Worthy Grand Patron in 1999-2000. His Worthy Grand Matron Mary F. Lockridge and he presided in their “For the Beauty of the Earth” Session culminating a year of smiles, kindness and tranquility. Who would have thought with all the Y2K dire predictions at the conclusion of 1999 that tranquility would prevail in 2000…yet, thankfully, it did. The special project of the Lockridge-Snider year was Ronald McDonald House. It was very successful with many Chapters participating and spreading the Eastern Star name and loving kindness.


His service to Grand Chapter wasn’t complete once he left the East at Grand Chapter. John was selected as a Chapter Consultant for the Bupp-Arnould, Black-Alexander, Calloway-Erbes, Karnowski-Bradley, Cross-Moerdyk, Parks-Wheeler, Hegenauer-Eakin and Hankins-Schroeder Grand Families. Additionally, he served as Pro-Tem Grand Sentinel in 2001-2002. He was elected to the Educational Board in 2003 where he serviced as Vice President and President while on that Board until the conclusion of his terms in 2009. He was also selected by the Cross-Moerdyk Grand Family to serve on their Bulb Sales Committee selling flower bulbs throughout the state to cover the costs of projects for the year. He also served on the Advisory Boards of the East Lansing and Lansing Assemblies of Rainbow for Girls.


John was active in his community as well, serving as a Bath Township Board Trustee. In his retirement he worked for many years with the Caravan Club as they provided the circus in Lansing. He was a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lansing serving on the Vestry.


John was reluctant to leave the home in which he resided for so very long. However, for his wellbeing he agreed that Masonic Pathways in Alma was where he needed to be. As he was preparing for the big move, God had other plans for him. On Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at home in Bath, Michigan, John passed to his eternal home.


Left to mourn his passing are his son David (Keitha) Snider of Bath and daughter Jennifer Snider of Clio. Also, grandchildren Amanda (Noah) Schneider and Andrew Snider and great grandchildren Jacob and Jonah Schneider.


On Sunday, December 17, the Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons of Michigan offered the Memorial Service at the Gorsline Runciman Funeral Home in East Lansing. The Rev. Gerald Ferguson officiated at the funeral service the following day. John’s final resting place is in Rose Cemetery in Bath, Michigan.


“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”

Genesis 9:13


Submitted with fraternal love,

Mary A. Ivey, Grand Secretary





  February  2018




Dear Sisters and Brothers,


This letter is a reminder if you have applications that you wish the Board to review for awarding scholarships for the 2018-2019 Academic year, they must be back to your Chapter Secretary by March 2018 Stated Meeting.

The Chapter Secretary must review all applications making sure all the information requested is complete, all attachments required are included and all signatures and Chapter Seal affixed.  The Chapter must also vote to submit the applications for consideration.


In the past there have been many applications lacking necessary information, which delays Board action at the April meeting when the awards are granted.  This past year almost one-fourth of the applications were missing vital data and required much time and effort by the Board members and the Grand Secretary to ensure that applicants whose awards were pending were eventually granted.

Applications with the revision date 2017 or 2018 will be accepted by the Board.

Please contact any Board Member listed in the Directory if you have any questions.


Priscilla Hankins PGM, President                Jenni Snider, Secretary

Robert Otte PGP, Vice-President





Interest is sparking with the Proficiency requirement to gain the Blue Pane for the Chapter Stain Glass window project.  I am thrilled with the questions, we will try to answer the best we can.


1)      Does a Proficiency Interest Committee Member need to be present to receive the special recognition and pin?   Yes, The Committee Member must witness the Proficiency and Initiatory work to receive recognition and a pin.


2)      The Proficiency must be completed per the law: Give Test Oath – Obligation – Signs and Passes of each degree – Salutation Sign – Grip of the Order – Number 17 of the Secret Work (WP and Conductress During Initiation) Proficiency will be at the Altar with participants doing the work in Unison.


3)      Can a person who is not an Officer receive a pin by giving just Proficiency?  Yes, a member, who is not an Officer and wishes to get Proficiency Card can get the pin if Proficiency is given when a member of Proficiency Interest Committee is present.


4)      Can an Officer get a pin if only doing the initiatory work for Proficiency Interest Committee Member?  No, the honor of the pin is for receiving Proficiency Card and Installed Officers being proficient in ritualistic work.


5)      Does the work have to be exactly word perfect to receive the recognition and pin?  It will be the judgement of the Proficiency Interest Committee Member to determine if the work is completed satisfactory to receive a pin.


6)      If you are a Dual Member can you take your proficiency in your Dual Chapter?  It is preferred that you gain your proficiency Card in your Primary Chapter if possible.


7)      How does the Chapter let Grand Chapter Secretary know who has completed Proficiency Satisfactory?   A letter to the Grand Secretary under the seal of the Chapter with the Names of members satisfactorily passing proficiency test as required by the law of Grand Chapter, Date of Proficiency, Name of one of first four Officers that witnessed the proficiency test.    OR   use the Application Blanks for Proficiency Certificates, filled out and sent to Grand Secretary.


Proficiency Interest Committee Members will have a copy of the Application Blanks for Proficiency Certificates, to give to Secretary of Chapters requesting visit of Proficiency Interest Committee Member. 


Nancy Martin, PGM Chairman Proficiency Interest Committee

248-889-9774 (H)






Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan




IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please return this blank to the Grand Secretary.  Send to the Grand Secretary for additional blanks.




                                                                            _______________________________  , 2018


APPLICATION FOR _________________________________________  Chapter No. _______


Address of Secretary __________________________________________________________


This is to certify that the following members have satisfactorily passed the proficiency test as required by the Grand Chapter of Michigan






February 2018



“The angel of the Lord is on guard round those who fear Him, and rescues them.”

Psalm 34:7






WINIFRED “WINNIE” EMILY RICHMOND (Pontiac No. 228)  Winifred was born on September 5, 1924 in Fenton, Michigan and passed away August 30, 2015.  She was initiated June 17, 1958 in Commerce Chapter No. 301 on the Masonic affiliation of her husband Gilbert, a member of Commerce Lodge No. 121 in Union Lake, Michigan.  She held several offices before working through the Line to Worthy Matron.  While in Commerce she also held offices in Oakland County Association.  After moving to Newberry, Michigan in 1980 Winifred  transferred her membership to Luce Chapter No. 364 where she continued holding office.  In addition to Warder, she advanced through the Line there to Worthy Matron.  For several years, while in the Upper Peninsula, she was Secretary of Cloverland District Association and she became dual member in Commerce Chapter.  In 1983 then Worthy Grand Matron Shirley Endicott recommended her as Grand Representative of Oklahoma.  In 1988-89 Winifred was chosen to be Grand Warder for the Palmberg-Dales Grand Family.  In 1990 Winifred and her husband moved to West Branch and transferred their membership to Zion Rose Chapter No. 117 where she held the stations of Conductress, Associate Matron and Worthy Matron. She was also Chapter Secretary for a few years.  While at Zion Rose, she also advanced from Secretary to President of Wolverine District Association.  On September 20, 1993 the Chapter elected her to Life Membership.  In 2004 Winifred terminated her Commerce dual membership, requested a demit from Zion Rose and became a primary member once again in Commerce Chapter and held the station of Warder.  After Commerce Chapter lost their charter Winifred took her Grand Chapter demit in 2012 to Pontiac Chapter No. 228.  For many years at Grand Chapter she served with the First Aid Committee.  She played organ for Job’s Daughters meetings from time to time.  At the “Garden of Peace and Harmony” Session then Worthy Grand Matron Sheryl Morrison and Worthy Grand Patron Richard Ward presented Winifred with her Honorary Life Membership in Grand Chapter.  She is missed by those who knew her.


 NORMA J. HALL (Roseville No. 468)  Norma was born on August 16, 1926 in Canton, Ohio and passed away July 10, 2017.  She was initiated into Eastern Star in Roseville Chapter No. 468 on March 16, 1954 on the Masonic affiliation of her husband, Wayne, a member of Roseville Lodge No. 522.  Norma maintained her membership in Roseville Chapter throughout her life.  She held all Chapter appointive offices a Sister can hold and all of the Line offices leading to and including Worthy Matron in 1979-1980.  She received  the Rainbow  Grand Cross and later served on the Rainbow Advisory Board.  Norma held various other positions in her Chapter including Auxiliary Officer, Labyrinth Chaplain, Marshal, Adah, Ruth and Esther.  She served on the Trestle Board and as Chapter Hostess.  She chaired breakfasts for the Chapter and though she was never appointed to a Grand Chapter office or committee, she served on various reception committees for other Chapter members when they were appointed Grand Officers and Grand Committee members.  Norma also was Chapter Ritual and Drill Instructor at times.  Numerous times, she was called upon for Chapter Installations to be the Installing Officer, Installing Chaplain or Installing Marshal.  On October 1, 1991 Roseville Chapter honored Norma by electing her to Life Member.  Then  at the “Yesterday-Today-Forever More” Grand Chapter Session, then Worthy Grand Matron Carole Bryde and Worthy Grand Patron William Hoisington honored her with Honorary Life Membership.  Norma supported her Macomb County Association and was County Marshal.  In her spare time she enjoyed golfing, reading and traveling.  Norma was a valuable member of the Chapter and is greatly missed.






IRENE HASSENZAHL (Fairfield No. 224)  Irene was born on March 26, 1930 in Rome Township, Michigan and passed away on July 26, 2017.  Irene was initiated in Clayton Chapter No. 141 on March 21, 1961 on the Masonic affiliation of her husband, George, a member of Evening Star Lodge No. 173 in Medina, Michigan.  Irene held various offices in Clayton Chapter including Worthy Matron two times.  On September 10, 1968 she transferred her membership to Benfield Chapter No. 310 holding offices there and serving as Worthy Matron at least twice.  She requested a demit from Benfield on June 30, 1986 and that September reinstated her membership in Fairfield Chapter No. 224 where she remained active the rest of her earthly life.  She served  Fairfield in various offices including Worthy Matron in 1990-1991.  Through the years Irene also held the Star Points of Ruth, Esther and Martha. She served on various Chapter dinner reception committees.  In 1972 then Worthy Grand Matron Florence Adair recommended Irene as Grand Representative of Oregon in Michigan.  Then in 1986-87 she was appointed to the McKinney-Richardson Fraternal Sunshine Committee for Grand Chapter.  Irene was Michigander Club Reservations Chairman a number of years.  She was also Chaplain of  the Michigander Club one year.  In 1984 she served as Lenawee-Monroe County Association President.  That office was preceded by times as Marshal, Chaplain and serving on various committees for the Association.  On November 10, 1999 Fairfield Chapter recognized Irene’s long and distinguished service and elected her to Life Membership.  Irene also enjoyed attending Grand Chapter Sessions in Oregon and Maryland and various General Grand Chapter Sessions.  At the “Humanitarian” Session of Grand Chapter in 1996 then Worthy Grand Matron Lynne Lenartowicz and Worthy Grand Patron Fred Neiman honored Irene with her Honorary Life Membership in Grand Chapter.  This dedicated member is missed by all who knew her.



JEAN HILL (Flat Rock No. 156)  Jean was born on January 17, 1931 and passed away August 18, 2017.  Jean was initiated in River Rouge Chapter No. 454 on January 20, 1971 on the Masonic affiliation of her husband Harry a member of Flat Rock Lodge No.  110.  Jean was initiated at a GOEX by the Arnold-Johnson Grand Officers.  That October she was installed as Warder and with the exception of a five year period, she held an office each year until 2016 when her health interfered.  The five year period Jean was unable to hold offices in Chapter was due to the evening classes she was taking to better her employment and those classes were the same evening as the Chapter meeting.  She did however keep active during that time at other Chapter functions which were not on Wednesday evenings.  Through the years, in addition to the Warder station, Jean held all five Star Points, Chaplain, the Line Offices and Worthy Matron in 1982-83, 1987-88, 1993-94 and 1995-96.  On February 10, 1999 River Rouge consolidated with Flat Rock Chapter No. 156 and she continued to hold offices including 13 years as a fine Chapter Secretary.   She worked for her Wayne County Association as well, serving in many capacities including as President in 1984-85.  The following year she was appointed to the Bateman-Martin Special Projects Committee for Grand Chapter.  Jean also enjoyed her selection as Special Page for then Worthy Grand Matron  Shirley Endicott in 1983 and as Personal Grand Page for Grand Adah Nancy Carey in 1994.  On September 12, 2007 Flat Rock Chapter recognized Jean’s long and distinguished service and elected her a Life Member.  Until her health prevented, she was a constant helper at various Chapter functions.  At the “Back To The Future” Session of Grand Chapter then Worthy Grand Matron Priscilla Hankins and Worthy Grand Patron Gordon Schroeder honored Jean with Honorary Life Membership in Grand Chapter.  This devoted member is greatly missed.



DEANA M. LILLIE (Ideal No. 167)  Deana was born on December 5, 1937 and passed away September 16, 2017.  She was initiated in Ideal Chapter No. 167 on May 24, 1961 on the Masonic affiliation of her husband Albert, a member of Marcellus Lodge No. 291.  Deana’s entire Eastern Star life was spent at Ideal Chapter where she became active right away holding office the next year.  She held offices almost every year of her membership and many years she was not an installed officer, she was a pro-tem officer.  Through the years Deana held the stations of Warder, all five Star Points, Chaplain, the Line Offices to Worthy Matron, an office she held twice.  One of those times was during the 100th year of Ideal Chapter and she was honored to be a Personal Grand Page for Grand Secretary Geraldine Roe.

She served as Associate Matron twelve years straight.  She was honored to be a “Guardian  Angel” at the “Temple of Angels” Session in 1973.  In the Bi-Centennial Year of 1975-76, Deana was selected Obituary Chairman for the Dole-Johnson Grand Family.  She served her Chapter on various committees, sponsored sales and a bus trip to Greenfield Village to raise funds for the Chapter’s 100th Anniversary party.  Deana was asked to help at numerous Installations as Installing Officer, Installing Marshal and Installing Chaplain.  On March 11, 2003 Ideal Chapter elected Deana to Life Membership in recognition of her service.  That service also extended many years to Cass County Association.  There she advanced from Assisting Marshal to Association President in 1997-98 during their 75th Anniversary year.  At the “For the Beauty of The Earth” Session of Grand Chapter then Worthy Grand Matron Mary Lockridge and Worthy Grand Patron John Snider honored Deana with Honorary Life Membership.  Deana and her many years of service to the Order are missed.



PATRICIA A. KELLER (Tekonsha-Rebecca No. 324)  Patricia was born on July 26, 1936  and passed away September 16, 2017.  She was initiated in Tekonsha-Rebecca Chapter No. 324 on September 10, 1969 on the Masonic affiliation of her father, Andrew Smith, a member of Burlington Lodge No. 333 in Burlington, Michigan.  She held her first station a couple years after joining and was an officer most every year after.  In addition to Marshal, Adah and Martha, she held the Line Offices several times and was Worthy Matron seven different times.  Patricia was active in the Chapter projects.  She hosted many of the community Pedro card parties for the Chapter, helped with dinners, pancake breakfasts and at the annual Chicken Bar-B-Que.  On June 5, 2007 the Chapter voted to elect Patricia to Life Membership in recognition of her many years of service.  In 2013, then Worthy Grand Matron Alma Honeycutt recommended Patricia as Grand Representative of Idaho.  She enjoyed visiting Idaho, the new friendships she made and the memorable trips there with her daughters.  For over 45 years she was a Stanley Home Products representative and earned many awards in recognition of her accomplishments.  Patricia also worked for Calhoun County Association in various offices including President.  At the “Back To The Future” Session of Grand Chapter, then Worthy Grand Matron Priscilla Hankins and Worthy Grand Patron Gordon Schroeder presented Patricia with Honorary Life Membership.  As with many others who were fixtures in their Chapter, she is missed.


“The Lord ransoms the lives of His servants,

And none who seek refuge in Him are brought to ruin.”

Psalm 34:22


Mary A. Ivey

Grand Secretary




Masonic Relations Committee 2017-2018

Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star of Michigan


December 29, 2017


Sisters and Brothers,


            The Fowler-Huis Grand Family will host the annual Easter Visit to Masonic Pathways on Wednesday March 21, 2018.  We will take part in the Masonic Picnic for residents on August 4, 2018 and would like our family to assist in a serving line.

            On March 21, 2017 we will meet in the Conference Center below Doig Chapel and the schedule will be:

10:00am Coffee hour

11:00am Fold, Label and address the Grand Chapter Easter Message to residents.

11:45am Fowler-Huis Grand Family Meeting.

12:30pm Lunch

2:00pm Easter program in the Doig Chapel

Dress for the day will be OES travel attire.

Please send your reservations for lunch with remittance of $12.00 by March 12, 2018 to:

 Michael Morse

7500 Bilby Road

 Jerome, Michigan 49249

 Please make checks payable to Grand  Chapter OES of Michigan. If you have any questions, please contact me.



Michael D. Morse         David Huntley         Roger Kelly



Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary


February 2018 


3          Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball – Hosted by Martha Washington Chapter #113 and Bay Chapter #219. The Scottish Rite Cathedral, 614 Center Avenue, Bay City, MI 48708. Support GGCC Regenerative Medicine and GGCC Support for First Responders. Registration 5:30 pm, Dinner 6:30 pm, Dancing to follow with Live Music. Reservation with check for $15.00 payable to Martha Washington Chapter #113 by January 22, 2018 to Bernie McSweyn


10        Jobs Daughters All Masonic Honoring – Hosted by Allen Park Bethel at the Detroit Masonic Temple, 500 Temple St, Detroit, MI 48201. Exemplification at 3:00 pm followed by Dinner at the Allen Park Masonic Center, 17212 Ecorse Road, Allen Park, MI 48101. Reservations with remittance of $12.00 by February 1, 2018 to Stephanie Pratt,


11        Wayne County Association Walleye Hockey Game. Huntington Center, 500 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43604. Price: $20.00 Adults, $15.00 Youth under 18 years. Reservations with remittance by January 26, 2018 to Bob Otte. Game starts at 5:15 pm. Join us at Tony Packo’s Café, 1902 Front Street, Toledo, OH 43605 for pre-game eats.


13        Wenona Chapter Regular Meeting


22        Grand Family GOEX Practice/Party – Hosted by Fairfield Chapter #224 held at Tecumseh Masonic Lodge, 700 Bishop Reed Dr., Tecumseh, MI 49286. Registration at 3:00 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm, practice at 7:30 pm. Reservation with Remittance of $15.00 payable to Fairfield Chapter #224 by February 9, 2018 to Karen Lambka, Attire: OES Travel/Casual


23        GOEX and Grand Reception – Honoring Cathryn Morse, Grand Ruth, Michael D. Morse, Masonic Relations Committee Chairman and Caroline Ambrose, Drills and Formations Committee. Hosted by Fairfield Chapter #224 held at Tecumseh Masonic Lodge, 700 Bishop Reed Dr., Tecumseh, MI 49286. Doors open at 3:00. Registration at 3:30 pm, dinner at 5:00 pm, GOEX at 7:00 pm. Reservation with Remittance of $18.00 payable to Fairfield Chapter #224 by February 9, 2018 to Karen Lambka,  Seating Limited Attire: Formal


24        GOEX and Grand Reception – Honoring Greg Nowacek, Grand Chaplain. Hosted by Clawson #495 held at Royal Oak Masonic Center, 850 Horace Brown Dr., Madison Heights, MI 48071. Registration at 4:00 pm, Dinner at 5:30 pm, GOEX at 7:00 pm. Reservation with remittance of $15.00 payable to Clawson Chapter #495 to Gary Curtis, Secretary, by February 17, 2018. Attire: Formal


27        Okemos Friends Fundraiser – Hard Times Party Friends Night. Held at Okemos Masonic Temple, 2175 Hamilton, Okemos, MI 48864. Time: 6:30 pm. Cost: Donation. Reservation for count by February 20, 2018 to: Carole Bryde, Menu: Bean Soup, Chicken and Dumplings, Corn Bread. Proceeds to benefit the Worthy Patron’s Woody’s Project. There will be a brown bag auction. Attire: Casual (jeans are OK)


Any questions regarding the Worthy Grand Matron’s calendar please contact the WGM’s Secretary, JoAnne Decker at (517) 815-1510 OR Cell (517) 920-1920 or by email: jodecker1@gmail.com





Mail report to:

            Mr. Joseph Holland, PGP

            8271 Denwood, Apt #1

            Sterling Heights, MI  48312


Email reports to:




The secretary of my Chapter has mailed a check in the amount of $________________ to the Grand Secretary for deposit in the Woodie’s Project Fund.


            I placed my $5.00 on the following ideas to win my purse:

                        (tell how you earned your funds)




Submitted by _______________________________________________Worthy Patron


_______________________________________Chapter No. ___________




Thank you for all your efforts and “training.”