November mailing from the Grand Secretary




November 2016 

Dear Secretary:

Welcome to the new Secretaries and to the “repeats”, thank you for your continued service.  Please remember that you are the line of communication between your Chapter and Grand Chapter and we depend on you to keep your Worthy Matron and other members informed.  Always let your Worthy Matron know when you receive your Chapter’s packet and/or forward this email to her so she may plan her meeting and take care of matters that might need the action of your Chapter.   As Chapter Secretary you are expected to print ALL pages of the monthly mailings, if they are received via e-mail.  Even the pages you are not required to read at the meeting must be printed for your files and for members to read if they request.  ALL documents in the monthly mailing carry the same importance however some are not required to be read in their entirety at the meeting. 



1)      MESSAGE FROM THE WORTHY GRAND MATRON AND PATRON.  (1 pg) This is to be read in it’s entirety at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

2)      THANKSGIVING GREETINGS FROM THE GRAND CHAPTER. (1 pg)  Please read this to your members at your stated meeting and then post it on your bulletin board for all to enjoy.


3)      WGM’S SECRETARY LETTER.  (2 pgs – ltr & form)  If you are inviting the Grand Family to your Chapter this year, this information is for you. 

4)      OBITUARY CHAIRMAN.  (2 pgs – ltr & form)  It is important that Grand Chapter be notified when your members lose loved ones.  Please send information to the Obituary Chairman so they can be remembered.  Please share a copy of this letter and form with your Chapter member responsible for sending the information to the Grand Chapter Obituary Chairman and RETAIN THE ORIGINAL in your files.

5)      COURTESY COMMITTEE LETTER.   (1 pg)  Contact information when planning a visit by the Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family.

6)      MASONIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE.  (1 pg)  Invite your members to the December 7th Christmas Program at Alma and remember to ask the Chapter to donate $25.00 so each resident will receive the custom designed calendar.

7)      LETTER FROM THE SUNSHINE COMMITTEE.  (2 pgs – ltr & form)  Please provide your Chapter Sunshine person the letter and form.  Deadline for shut-in address list is December  31, 2016. 

8)      SALES COMMITTEE.  (1 pg)  Please share this information. 

9)      YOUTH COMMITTEE.  (1 pg)  Please share this information. 

10)  SERVICE DOG PROJECT.  (2 pgs – ltr & form)  Please share this information. 

11)  PATHWAYS VAN PROJECT.  (1 pg) Please let your members know about this special project. 

12)  COMMUNITY SUPPORT PROJECT.  (1 pg)  Please share this special project information with your members. 


13)  ITINERARY OF THE WORTHY GRAND MATRON.   (1 pg) Provide a copy for your Worthy Matron and post or copy for the reference of your members. 

14)  LISTING OF SCHOOLS OF INSTRUCTION.  (1 pgs) Please share this with your members if they are unable to attend the Chapter School so that they might make up their School at another Chapter.

15)  LISTING OF THE MEMBERS OF THE WILCENSKI-OTTE GRAND FAMILY.  (1 pg – double sided) Keep this listing for your reference, until such time as the new Directory is available – approximately the beginning of January...before if all Information pages are returned quickly.  Please note, that the charitable Boards are listed, in the event you need assistance.

16)  SECRET WORK SIGNOUT SHEET.  (1 pg)  If this form helps you to meet the requirement of having the secret work signed in and out, please feel free to use it.





All income and expenses for projects (i.e. dinners, bazaars, trips, etc.) should go through the Chapter books to account for the total income/expense of projects.  When income is used for expenses before it is recorded in the Secretary and Treasurer’s books a complete accounting of the project is not available.



(2016-2017 books will be available around the first of January or before)

Pages 12 & 18 – PGM Delores Waldo has a new winter address:  Golden Grove RV Park, Lot #G2, 2545 S. Bentsen Palm Drive, Palmview, TX  78572.



-- Benevolence Board Honorary Member Norma Johnston passed away on August 17. 

-- PGM Alma Hunnicutt had foot surgery on August 18.  She attended Grand Chapter and is healing nicely.


Please keep all our Sisters and Brothers in your thoughts and prayers.  Short notes and cards are always appreciated.



During the Holidays, we reflect on those less fortunate.  Please remember the BENEVOLENCE FUND for our members and children on the Benevolence Rolls and the $25.00 Christmas donation for the customized calendar gift to the Masonic Home residents.  We will be pleased to forward all donation gifts from your Chapter.




We still have not received word from the Right Worthy Grand Secretary on an expected date when the new Rituals will be available.  We will communicate with all Chapter Secretaries when the Rituals are delivered.

To obtain a new Secret Work to replace a lost one, you must send a note to the Grand Secretary under seal of the Chapter stating what is needed and why.



Secretaries and Treasurers - please remember that your books are to remain in the state, if you travel out of state for the winter or at any other time.  Secretaries leave your books with the Worthy Matron and Treasurers may leave their books with the Secretary or the Worthy Matron. 



Please notify the Grand Secretary stating when you are leaving.  Provide the name, address, email address and telephone number of the individual to whom communications are to be sent to while you are away.  When you return, please notify us that you have returned so that we may again send communications to you.



RETURN YOURS NOW – they were due by October 31!  This information is of great value to everyone in our Order.  Thank you if you have already sent your information to us.  The sooner we receive your information the faster we can complete the 2016-2017 Directory for you.



Should have been mailed to meet the October 31, 2015.  990 Reports postmarked after October 31 are subject to late fees.   Do not spend money for special delivery services – the postmark is what counts!  If you are having problems with this report – DO NOT WAIT – contact the Grand Chapter Office for assistance.


Blessings on each of you and your families this Thanksgiving season. 

 Happy Thanksgiving!  Mary A. Ivey, Grand Secretary



Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


November, 2016


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Grand Chapter has ended and now our Chapters are having their Installations of Officers.   We had a wonderful time at our Monday Night Banquet at Grand Chapter.  Thank you to all who took part in putting this evening together.  Fun was had by all. 


Our Elected Line Officers are scheduling schools of instruction and are excited to get started.  Bob and I listened this last year and we are going to be doing schools in a small group format with one instructor.  At the end of the schools we would like your feedback on how we did.  Your Grand Officers will be doing follow up visits throughout the year to see if they may assist you in any way, since we are not able to cover everything in our schools.    


This year Bob and I have the honor to be elected to represent this Order when we are celebrating our Sesquicentennial year. Before even knowing this would be happening, I had chosen to base our session around the Past, Present and Future by “Cherishing the Past and Embracing the Future”.    We have the honor of being the oldest Grand Chapter and throughout the year there will be many special occasions and events and we hope you will join us in celebrating this special year.


We are supporting our three Eastern Star Charities again; Benevolence, Education and Service Dog.  We will also continue to raise funds for the Pathways Van Project.   Our Community Support committee will be asking you to let her know what you in your towns do to support your community, i.e. first responders, local charities, etc.  Your secretary will have a letter from this committee to give you more details.


We are looking forward to a great year, let us know if there is anything we can do to help your Chapter grow. 


With angel love and leprechaun hugs!


Colleen Wilcenski                                                                   Robert Otte, 

Worthy Grand Matron                                                            Worthy Grand Patron





Holiday Greetings

Thanksgiving is a time of joy,

Of sharing thoughts of love,

Of gratitude for family

And blessings from above.

A time to recall memories

Of friends we’ve always known,

Express our thanks for newfound friends

Whose love we’ve just been shown.

We wish for you at Thanksgiving time

The gifts of trust and peace

May Christ’s love dwell within your heart

And hope that will not cease.


Author Unknown


In our Order, we take care of each other, and in this season of giving, it is inspiring to see our Sisters and Brothers take time to help those most in need, not only in our Families and our Order, but also in our Communities. That is what makes us such a compassionate Order.


We wish for you a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all that you have done this year to support your Chapters, our Order, and our Nation as you lead where you stand and give love through service.


Colleen M. Wilcenski                                      Robert H. Otte, Jr.

Worthy Grand Matron                                   Worthy Grand Patron


                             Mary A. Ivey

                             Grand Secretary



Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


October 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

My name is Linda Otte and I will be the Worthy Grand Matron’s Secretary for 2016 – 2017. I have been a member of Victoria Chapter for over 48 years and have been secretary for the last 12 years.


Sister Colleen’s calendar is ready for the upcoming year, but I will need your help to fill in all the details.  If you have confirmed a date with Colleen for a Grand Family visit, GOEX, honoring, etc.; please let me know the following:


 What is the event: (GOEX, honoring, Grand Family Visit, etc)

 Date and location with an address where it will be held

 Time of registration,

 Cost of dinner;

 Who reservations are to be mailed to;

 Deadlines and date reservations are due. 

 We will also need to know the proper dress of the day will be. (OES formal, casual, etc.) 


This information is due to me in the format attached by the 1st of the month, 90 days before the event.  If you have a computer you may send it to me by email at Please put WGM Calendar in the subject box.

Getting the information to me as quickly as possible helps me share your information in the Starliner Journal and on the Worthy Grand Matron’s calendar.  Please double check your information because it will help our sisters and brothers know who, what, when, where and why at one quick glance.

If something changes notify me as soon as possible.


I look forward to working with you and thank you in advance for your assistance.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.


Enthusiastically and In Friendship,

Linda Otte                    





DATE OF THE EVENT: ________________________________________

EVENT: ____________________________________________________

            (Reception, Visitation, GOEX, County/Association, etc)


WHERE EVENT WILL BE HELD: _________________________________



TIME OF REGISTRATION______________________________________


TIME OF DINNER OR LUNCH: ________________COST: ____________


PROGRAM TIME: ____________________________________________


RESERVATIONS CHECKS MADE OUT TO:________________________


SEND THEM TO:______________________________________________




PHONE NUMBER: ____________________________________________


EMAIL: _____________________________________________________


RESERVATIONS DUE BY: _____________________________________


ATTIRE:         FORMAL _____________             O.E.S. CASUAL _________








Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


October, 2016


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


I have the honor to serve as the Obituary Chairman for the 2016-2017 Grand Chapter year.  The Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family share in the sorrow of each and every Chapter’s loss.  With your help, we will send a sympathy card to offer our support and love to the families of our sisters and brothers.  This is our way of showing the family we share their grief and they are in our thoughts and prayers.


We are asking each Chapter to appoint a member to complete the enclosed form as needed and return it to me as soon as possible.  I will send the family a memorial card from Grand Chapter.  Please make copies of the attached form.


Thank you for your help,  that we may reach out to the grieving families to let them know we share in their sorrow.


Susan Phenix

Obituary Chairman



Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family


Obituary Form

(Please print or type)


Name of deceased:__________________________________Date of Death________________


Was the deceased a member of the Order:  Yes    or  No    How long?_____________________


Name of nearest living relative:____________________________________________________


Does relative belong to the Order?  Yes   or  No   Relationship: ___________________________


Relative’s Address:______________________________________________________________




Please provide any additional information which would make our correspondence to the family more personal:






Chapter Name______________________________________ Chapter Number______________

Name of person submitting information:_____________________________________________




Phone Number:_________________________________________________________________



Please send completed form to: 

Susan Phenix, Obituary Chairman



Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


October, 2016


Dear Incoming Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron:

The Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family Courtesy Committee congratulates you on being elected Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of your Chapter.  We are here to assist you with your events this year.


Chapters that will be hosting the Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family will be receiving a packet from us.  This packet will contain guidelines for setting up the Chapter room and dining room.  It will contain an Information sheet that must be returned to the worthy Grand Matron’s Secretary so your event will be put on the Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary and in the Starliner Journal.  Please review this information carefully.


On behalf of the Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family we wish for you and your Chapter a wonderful year and look forward to meeting you and your members in our travels.  If there is any way that we can be of assistance or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.




Donelda Hughes                                                          Elizabeth “Betty” McCandless

Courtesy Committee Chair                                          


Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


October, 2016

Sisters and Brothers,

The Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family will host the annual Christmas visit to Masonic Pathways on Wednesday, December 7, 2016. The annual Easter Visit will be on Wednesday April 12, 2017. On August 5, 2017 we will take part and assist in the Masonic Pathways picnic for the residents.


In December and in April we will meet in the Conference Center below the Doig Chapel. The schedule for both will be:


                  10:00 AM - Coffee hour

                  11:00 AM - Label the Calendar gift in December and in April

                                       label the Easter greetings given the resident.

                  Noon - Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family meeting.

                 12:30 - Lunch

                  2:00 - Program in the Doig Chapel


Dress for the women in December is travel suits (unless you would like to wear a Christmas sweater) and in April, travel suits, but add you own Easter bonnet for an Easter parade. Dress on both occasions for the men will be suits.


If you would like to join us for lunch in December, please send your reservation and remittance of $11.00 by November 21, 2016 payable to Masonic Pathways in care of:

        Greg Oliver

       We hope you can join us for a wonderful day of fellowship, laughter and holiday spirit.


We are asking each Chapter to donate $25 so that each resident of Masonic Pathways will receive a gift from the Order. Donations may be sent to the Grand Chapter, OES of Michigan.


This year our gift will be a custom designed calendar with photos of past OES visits.


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Greg Oliver Chairman      Mike D. Morse       Dale Kane




Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan

October 2016


Hello Sisters and Brothers!


Sisters Virginia Burroughs, Diane Lowes, and myself are pleased to be serving as your Sunshine Committee for the Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family


We want to help you and your Chapter spread some sunshine and cheer to any of your members who are ill, had an accident, are a shut-in, incapacitated in any way, or if you think someone would just need a little encouragement.  We would also like to acknowledge any special event your members may have.  For example birth of a child or grandchild, a special birthday or anniversary, an Honor Flight trip, or anything your Chapter think a note from Grand Chapter will add to their memories of their special event.


We are asking your Sunshine Committee chairperson or Chapter Secretary to send us the member's full name, address, Chapter, Chapter Number, and reason for the note.  We have enclosed a form for your Chapter's convenience. 


Also, Please have your Sunshine Committee chairperson or Chapter Secretary send us a list (please be sure to include the full name and complete address of where to send the card) of all members who are shut-ins or living in a nursing/convalescent home before December 31, 2016.  We will use this list to send the Easter greetings.  It will not be necessary for our Sisters and Brothers residing at Pathway's Masonic Home to be included on this list as our Grand Secretary, Mary Ivey, has already added them to the Easter mailing.


Thank you very much for helping us spread some Sunshine to your Sisters and Brothers.


Star Love,

Janet Johnson, Diane Lowes, and Virginia Burroughs


Division 1                                      Division 2, 3, 4                        Divisions 8, 7, 5, 6

Janet Johnson                                Diane Lowes                           Virginia Burroughs




Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family


Name of Member:   _______________________________________



Address: ________________________________________________







Chapter Name & Number: _________________________________



Birthday: ________________________________________________



Get Well: ________________________________________________



Thinking of You: __________________________________________



Special Event/Occasion: ____________________________________



Division 1                                            Division 2, 3, 4                                    Divisions 8, 7, 5, 6

Janet Johnson                                      Diane Lowes                                       Virginia Burroughs






Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


October 2016



Sisters and Brothers:


Welcome to a new Grand Chapter year.  I am proud to introduce the Wilcenski-Otte Sales Committee. Working with me this year will be Donna Anderson, Karen Cook, and Pam Roberts.  These members are located throughout the state and we are planning to be present at all special events by the Chapters, County and District Associations host.


With input from our Worthy Grand Matron, we have what we hope will be a good selection of items for our members to choose from.  Of note, we will be having dress and suit bags available for purchase. Tickets will be available to win gas and food cards since they are always so popular.  In addition we will be offering a quilt for raffle, which will be drawn at the 2017 Grand Chapter meeting.


Proceeds from our sales this year will benefit the Worthy Grand Matron’s special projects.


Looking forward to a wonderful year and seeing you all in our travels.


Gilda Wong, Chairman           Donna Anderson         Karen Cook                 Pam Roberts

Farmington, #239                    Atlanta, #487              Okemos, #267             Luce, #364

                                                                                                                        Munising, #424


Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan



October, 2016


Hi All!


We are the members of the Grand Chapter Youth Committee.  We would like to ask you to visit local Job’s Daughters Bethels, Rainbow Girls Assemblies and DeMolay Chapters.  You don’t know how much it means to these young ladies and young men to have adults on the sidelines and it encourages them to do their work better.  You may find that you would like to help by being on the Job’s Daughters council, Rainbow Girls board or DeMolay executive board.  Doing this you can watch these youth grow into competent young ladies and young men.  Remember these youth are the future of Eastern Star and Masons.


If you do not know where these groups are located you can call the members listed below.




Carol Pilkiewicz, Chairman               

Vince D’Aguanno                              

Linda Koshowsky                              


Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan



November 2016


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Greetings from the Wilcenski-Otte Service Dog Charities Committee.  I have been asked to chair this committee for the 2016-2017 year along with Patty Joe Sims, Muffin, Meg Wnuk and Rita Sands.


This year our goal is to again support Paws With A Cause and Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Both of which are Michigan based organizations.


We are continuing to raise funds for these two organizations and will hope that our sisters and brothers are willing to help. Our table will have Information and other items to help support these two organizations.  We will be attending Association meetings, Receptions and GOEX’s hoping to be able to answer your questions. So stop by “Scooter’s Snack and Gift Shop” and see what we have.


We are asking Worthy Matrons to assist by having a fundraiser within your Chapter.  Here are some of the ideas we have thought about:  Having a Bake less Bake Sale or a Bake Sale, a silver collection, raffle a basket at one of your Friendship nights, Phantom Tea Party, Silent Auction or a program from one or both of the organizations we have chosen. If you are hosting a reception or GOEX we are asking that you donate a small basket or gas card for the committee to raffle at your event as your donation.


Your committee is available to help you host a Service Dog presentation at your Chapter meeting or other special event you are hosting. If you are interested in having an event, please contact Karlyn Cierlik at or cell phone 517-204-0907.


All funds raised will be split between the two organizations unless your Chapter designates who you would like to see receive the money.


Here is to a great year!!

Karlyn Cierlik, Chairman                                            Patty Joe Sims, Muffin and Ranger

Meg Wnuk                                                                  Rita Sands



Send this form with donation to Grand Chapter of MI –

Make check out to Grand Chapter OES of MI


Grand Chapter OES of MI

Attn: Mary Ivey, Grand Secretary

13464 Preston Drive, Suite 250

Marshall, MI 49068-9684


Chapter Name and Number                               Date of event




Please circle appropriate organization –


  • ·       Paws with a Cause


  • ·       Leader Dogs for the Blind


  • ·       Shared equally between both Organizations




Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Margaret, Jack and I have been asked (and have agreed to) serve as the Pathways Van Project Committee for the Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family.  We are very excited to hit the road, meet and greet lots of Eastern Stars, and raise lots of money to pay down the cost of the new Masonic Pathways handicapped van.


Our approach has four pieces.  First, we will be holding a year-long raffle with several nice prizes donated by generous Star members.  The drawing for these will be held at Grand Chapter 2017.


The second piece is a table at most Star events offering polo shirts with an embroidered Eastern Star, t-shirts with an iron-on Star, Jack Wade’s famous-and delicious-homemade fudge, and a small gift basket.  Please say “Yes!” if we ask permission to set up our table at your event.


The third piece is the one that asks the most of you.  We are requesting that you hold a community event of your choosing and donate the profit to the Van Project.  Serve a dinner if that’s your specialty.  Organize a bus trip to a baseball or football game or other sporting event.  Hold an auction of donated items, or a craft show, or a talent show.  Get creative and have some fun with this request!


Fourth piece:  The committee will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner/Dance at the Martha Washington Chapter in Saginaw on March 17, 2017, in honor of our Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron and their spouses.  We will send invitations later in the year with more information.


As I said, the committee members are very excited to serve the Grand Chapter and hope we have created some interesting ways to raise money for an important cause.  Thank you for considering these options and we hope to see you on the road at some time during the upcoming year.



Sharon Bowen, Chair               Margaret Brubaker                   Jack Wade

Harrison Chapter #408            Luce Chapter #364                  Linden Chapter #175




Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


October, 2016


Wilcenski - Otte Grand Family 2016 - 2017



Dear Sisters and Brothers:


It is with great honor I have been asked to be part of the Wilcenski-Otte Grand Family for the 2016-2017 year as the Community Support Chairman.


I am in charge of collecting information from all of the Chapters on how each Chapter affects their community in different ways (not necessarily by giving money) but also giving the gift of time or the gift of personal sacrifices to promote the Order. 


Some examples are:  Blood drives, car shows, community fairs/carnivals, walk/run events, clothing/stuffed animals/books to our local shelters, car shows, host a Pampered Chef/Tupperware party in the Chapter building, selling hot dog during your local sidewalk sales/art fairs.  Please don't forget about continuing to support Paws With  A Cause, our local everyday heroes as well as our great military.


I would like to be notified by each the Chapter's Community Support Chairperson (or the designated Event Coordinator) on exactly what their Chapter did or is doing at the event to support their community.  You can email me (  Text me at (231-676-3388).  And of course the old fashion way by actually calling me at (231-676-3388).  I work Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm so you can also leave me a message.  My mailing address is 8338 Pleasant Hill Road, Ellsworth, MI 49729.


I will be communicating with our WGM as to what the Chapters have been doing to support their community.  I will also be in contact with the person who manages the calendar of our Grand Chapter website so that these events can be made known to all who visit the site so please  contact me prior to your event happening too.  I am hoping that it might even give others an idea that might work well in their community to promote our Order.


 If you should have further questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to help.


Star love,


Nancy Hersha

Grand Community Support Chairman





4          Eaton County Association Meeting at the Grand Ledge Masonic Temple located at 200 W. River, Grand Ledge, Registration & Coffee Hour 9 am, Meeting 10 am, Lunch at Noon, Afternoon session and Installation 1 pm.   Cost $5.00 payable to Grand Ledge Chapter #14, mail to Marjorie Miller. Due by Nov. 1st.  Dress is formal


5          WGM / WGP Reception – Scottish Rite Cathedral, located at 614 Center Ave, Bay City 48708. Registration 11: Seating 1 pm, Lunch 2 pm. Cost $15.00 payable to Charlevoix Chapter #72, mail to Glenda Knott on or before October 15th. No refunds after October 15th.  Dress is formal


10        WGM – School of Instruction – Alma Chapter Hosting:  located at 301 N. State St., Alma 48801                                     6:00 p.m.  Books – 7:00 p.m. School


12        Rainbow Grand Cross at the Wayne Masonic Center, located at 37137 Palmer Road, Westland   10 am Rehearsals, 11am Investiture Ceremony, 12 Noon Lunch, 1 pm Mystic Feast and Bread Service, 1:45 pm individual Grand Cross Group Meetings.  Cost is $10.00 payable to Linda Otte by October 31st.  You must be a member of the Grand Cross of Color to attend.    OES Casual, no slacks


12        1867 Degree – Mt. Morris Chapter located at 810 North Street, Mt. Morris MI 48458, Registration 5 pm, Dinner - 6 p.m., Program 7:00 p.m. , Cost $12.00 payable to Mt. Morris Chapter #474, mail to Deborah Lewis  by Nov. 5th, or email Samantha Lewis


13        SWDA Vesper Service at West Mendon United Methodist Church locate at 22994 Portage Lake Road, Mendon MI 49072.  Officer Practice at 2 p.m., Service at 3 p.m., Pot Luck Dinner at 4 p.m., Special Program following dinner.  Bring dish to pass and your own table service. RSVP to Phyllis Haynor for count only.Dress is church attire.


14        Genesee County Association Meeting at the Clio Masonic Temple located at 714 N. Mill St., Clio 48420.  Registration 2 pm, meeting 3 pm, dinner 5:30 pm, and evening meeting at 7.  Cost is $15.00 payable to Genesee County Ass’n, mail to Yvonne Rock by Nov. 7th.  Dress is formal


15        WGM – School of Instruction – Linden Chapter Hosting: located at 119 N. Bridge, Linden 48451                                                6:00 p.m.  Books – 7:00 p.m. School


16        WGM – School of Instruction – Vienna Chapter Hosting: located at 714 N. Mill St., Clio 48420                                      6:00 p.m.  Books – 7:00 p.m. School


17        WGM – School of Instruction – Crescent Chapter Hosting: located at 514 New St., Stanton 48888                                     6:00 p.m.  Books – 7:00 p.m.  School


22        WGM – School of Instruction – Grand Blanc Hosting:  located at 522 E. Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc 48480                6:00 p.m.  Books – 7:00 School


24        Happy Thanksgiving


Direct questions regarding the Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary to her Secretary,

Linda Otte    Phone: 248-426-8429    Cell:  248-345-9436    email:



Other Grand Officer School Schedule

November 2016

11/1/16                        Luce, Ida & Queen of the North @ Luce – Bob Otte


11/2/16                        Scottsville-Ludington, Genesis & Grand Haven-Spring Lake @ Genesis – Bob Otte


11/03/16                      Corinthian, Paw Paw-Lawton, Ideal @ Corinthian – Janice Fowler


11/11/13                      Waubenoo, Osceola & Mt. Pleasant @ Mt. Pleasant – Tom Huis


11/15/16                      Peninsular, Rockford & Doric @ Peninsular – Liz Snodgrass


11/15/16                      Howell & Pinckney @ Howell – Michael Waldo


11/16/16                      America Chapter, Niles, & Edwardsburg @ America  – Bob Otte 


11/16/16                      Nankin, Trenton & Flat Rock @ Nankin – Janice Fowler


11/17/16                      I.C. Friendship, Millington & Nourmahal @ IC Friendship – Liz Snodgrass


11/17/16                      Bedford, Hastings, Kalamo, Brookfield @ Bedford – Janice Fowler


11/18/16                      Sherman & Lake City @ Sherman – Tom Huis


11/19/16                      Coldwater, Wenona, Tekonsha-Rebecca & Mystic Star @ Coldwater -

Tom Huis


11/19/16                      Richmond, Cornell-Marysville & Mt. Vernon @ Mt. Vernon – Bob Otte


11/21/16                      Negaunee, Iron Mountain, Munising & Presque Isle @ Presque Isle – Marsha Mead


11/21/16                      Coleman & Harrison @ Harrison – Michael Waldo


11/22/16                      Victoria, Farmington & Orient @ Victoria – Liz Snodgrass


11/22/16                      Huronia, Croswell & North Branch @ North Branch – Michael Waldo


11/29/16                      Okemos & Mason @ Okemos Chapter - Liz Snodgrass


11/29/16                      Mendon, Sherwood Forest & Three Rivers @ Mendon – Janice Fowler


11/29/16                      Traverse Bay & Benzie Area @ Traverse Bay – Marsha Mead


11/30/16                      Charlevoix & Waldo @ Charlevoix – Marsha Mead




Other Grand Officer School Schedule



12/2/16                        Clawson, Royal Oak, Pontiac & Berkley Highland Park @ Royal Oak – Michael Waldo


12/5/16                        Lincoln & Tawas Bay @ Lincoln – Marsha Mead


12/6/16                        Fern Leaf Chapter & Parma-Springport @ Fern Leaf  - Bob Otte


12/8/16                        Tecumseh, Fairfield & River Raisin @ Tecumseh – Janice Fowler


12/8/16                        Grand Ledge, Wacousta & Mulliken @ Grand Ledge – Tom Huis


12/12/16                      Martha Washington & Bay Chapter @ Martha Washington

Tom Huis


12/12/16                      Saline, Belleville, Ypsilanti @ Ypsilanti – Colleen Wilcenski


12/13/16                      Primrose & Grayling @ Grayling – Marsha Mead

12/15/16                      Atlanta and Alpena @ Alpena - Michael Waldo

12/20/16                      Roseville, Ashlar & Jefferson @ Roseville – Liz Snodgrass