May mailing from the Grand Secretary




May 2015

Dear Secretary:


One of your responsibilities is to help keep your Chapter informed.  Please share the contents of this mailing with your Worthy Matron so she may plan her meeting and take care of matters that might need the action of your Chapter.   As Chapter Secretary you are expected to print ALL pages of the monthly mailings, if they are received via e-mail.  Even the pages you are not required to read at the meeting must be printed for your files and for members to read if they request.  ALL documents in the monthly mailing carry the same importance however some are not required to be read in their entirety at the meeting. 




1)      MESSAGE FROM THE WORTHY GRAND MATRON AND PATRON.  (1 Pg)  This is to be read in its entirety to your members at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

2)      2015-2018 MICHIGAN GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER APPOINTMENTS.  (1 Pg) This is to be read in its entirety to your members at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

3)      MICHIGAN MASONIC CHARITABLE FOUNDATION. (1Pg)  This is to be read in its entirety to your members at the stated meeting of your Chapter.




4)      CONVENTION – INVITATION TO SERVE AS A GRAND GUARD OR GUARDIAN.  (1 Form) Encourage your members to participate at Grand Chapter. 

5)      CONVENTION – SESSION NURSES NEEDED.  (1Form)  Encourage your members with medical training/skills to assist at Grand Chapter.

6)      CONVENTION – REGISTRATION VOLUNTEERS MEMBERS NEEDED.  (1 Form)  If any of your members are interested in volunteering for a short time to help register our members and guests at Grand Chapter, please have them return this form. 

7)      SAVE THE DATE ONTARIO GRAND CHAPTER TRIP.  (1 Pg)  Encourage your members to join in on this trip and watch for further details. 




11)  WORTHY GRAND MATRON’S ITINERARY.  (2 Pg)  Please remind the members you have this information.

12)  CONTRIBUTIONS TO MISCELLANEOUS CHARITIES.  (1 Form)  Please return to the Grand Secretary by June 30 to be included in the Advance Book of Proceedings for Grand Chapter.

13)  2014 BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS ORDER FORM.  (1 Form)  Please let your members know if they would like a Proceedings book or CD from 2014 to please complete this form.

14)  ASSOCIATION REPORT BLANK.  (1 Form)  Secretary, this is the form to be completed for your Association meeting each year.



May 31 is the deadline to submit proposed legislation for the Grand Chapter Session in October.  It must be submitted to the Grand Secretary and Jurisprudence Committee, with the seal of the Chapter and the appropriate signatures.  Please see the Law Book, page 42, Article 35. Amendments. 



The Easter Vesper Service collections have been coming to the Grand Chapter Office.  Thank you to all Michigan members for your continued generosity to all your charities.   Secretaryif you have not mailed your Chapter

Easter Vesper Service offering please do so as soon as possible.  Thank you.



Following are updates to the Directory since the last circular.

Pages 11 and 23 PGP Fred Eakin has a new email address: 

 Page 18 Notes of Cheer Committee Dawn Torpey email address correction: 

Page 26 Greta Erbes (7/161)  (Jim) new contact information

Page 26 Phyllis Haynor (257) (Richard) new contact information

Page 48 Wenona Chapter No. 162 Secretary address change to 1143 Litchfield Road, Quincy, MI  49082.



The June circular will contain all necessary information and forms for this year’s Grand Chapter session - please watch for that mailing.  All members wishing to receive a ballot to vote at Grand Chapter must be registered by NOON on Wednesday, October 14 – NO EXCEPTIONS.   


A current dues receipt (card) must be shown at time of registration.  This will be the 2016 card (color unknown at this time).  Secretary - please take note of this and remind your members planning to attend Grand Chapter, they must pay their 2016 dues and fees to obtain their dues receipt before Grand Chapter.


SICKNESS AND DISTRESS (and other notes)

All of these were reported earlier via email notices.

- Jim Belknap, husband of PGM Margaret, had a Stent insertion mid-April.  The doctor is waiting to see how it if functioning and is hopeful to do a second one on May 13.

- Phyllis Haynor, widow of PGP Richard, had complete shoulder surgery April 1st, she is doing well with her therapy and recovery.  She is looking forward to traveling again soon.

- PGP Lenzy Lewis, was hospitalized mid-April for high blood pressure and heart issues.  He is progressing.

- Helen Carter, mother of Denise Abbey and mother-in-law of AGP Raymond, passed away March 22.


Following are thank you notes:

“Thank you, for the cards, calls and notes following Jack’s passing.”  Carol Upston, PGM

“Thank you for all the lovely cards, they really help to pick your spirits up.”  Shirley Endicott Alessi, PGM

“Thank you so very much for the kind and thoughtful words of expression of sympathy that you extended to us during the passing of our mother, grandmother and great-granny.  It was greatly appreciated more than you will ever know.”  Fran Carlson, PGM and family



-PGP Robert Beltz and Janet Seiler were married on April 11.  Congratulations to the newlyweds.



Envelopes from the Associate Grand Matron to Chapter Associate Matrons will be mailed soon.  A note in the envelope will state that if the Associate Matron does not plan to advance to the East the information in the envelope needs to be given to the Chapter Secretary.  Secretary – please make sure the Sister planning to fill the office of Worthy Matron for 2015-2016 receives the envelope as soon as possible – it contains dated material.  Thank you.



At long last, the Association form for the Chapters has been updated.  A copy is included with this mailing.  This form and the Association Summary Report form are also on the website (, click the Forms button.



Mary A. Ivey, Grand Secretary

Email -





Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star 

Of Michigan



                                                                        May, 2015                  


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


It is now May and we can’t believe that the year is three quarters over.  What have we, the Ahl-VanNorwick Grand Family, accomplished as a working “team”?


            Eight Consolidations, unfortunate, but necessary

            Two GOEX’s, good job, Grand Officers

            A few Receptions, looking forward to the many more

            MI-WIS Friendship Night, a huge success – in more ways than you know

            Seven Schools of Instruction, well accepted and with good attendance

            Three County/Association Meetings, many more in the next few months

            Youth Group honoring’s, always a great time


So, now you see what a great time, by working hard, your Grand Family is having as a “team”.  We look forward to what lies ahead for us on our Calendar.  We are continuing to make many more treasured memories as the months roll by.


We have noticed, when attending GOEXs and Receptions, that Chapter Officers are not properly forming the Hollow Square when entering.  It is quite obvious when an Officer does not know where they should stop before the Worthy Matron is escorted to the East, that the Chapter is not making the formation at their regular meetings.  We stress in schools how the Hollow Square is formed, and that it is NOT OPTIONAL.  If an Officer cannot walk in, they may take their station, but the remainder must make the formation, leaving a spot vacant for the seated Officer.


PLEASE REMEMBER – any legislation needs to be in the office by the end of May for this coming Grand Chapter.


Many treasured memories,

Patricia A. Ahl                                                                                    Lawrence H. VanNorwick

Worthy Grand Matron                                                                        Worthy Grand Patron




Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


                                                                   April 16, 2015


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On April 3rd I received an email and was given the privilege from our Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron of announcing our 2015-2018 Michigan appointments for General Grand Chapter.


They are –

David O. Bradley – Education

H. William Moerdyk – International Peace Garden

Joyce Hegenauer – Regenerative Medicine

Beatrice E. McSweyn – Support for First Responders

Lenzy R. Lewis – Youth Committee


Michigan is very proud and happy to have our Past Grand’s serve our Order in this capacity.  We congratulate them and wish them all the best as they serve our General Grand Chapter in 2015-2018.


In fraternal Friendship,

Patricia Ahl

Worthy Grand Matron




Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


                                                                   May, 2015




Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Do you know what the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation is and what it has to offer?

You might want to consider inviting someone from the Foundation to one of your Chapter meetings or an Association meeting to explain to the membership the many benefits the Charitable Foundation has to offer.


A couple of things they have to offer are:

            Sweetheart Society which is for widows of Master Masons

            Live Better At Home Team


If you have ten or more years of continuous membership in Michigan Order of the Eastern Star, you are considered to hold Masonic affiliation status.  This could make you eligible for some or all of the Masonic Advantage Program benefits offered at the Masonic Pathways Continuing Care Retirement Community.


With your Masonic affiliation the services they offer are only a phone call away.  However, it would be nice for your membership to hear about their programs and which ones might be available to them.  I am suggesting that you consider inviting the Team, on a night when you are not doing your work, to explain the many benefits available.  Your contact person at the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation is Theresa Lemke at 1-800-994-7400.


Fraternally yours,

Patricia Ahl

Worthy Grand Matron





At the




OCTOBER 13-14-15, 2015


Dear Sisters and Brothers:


It gives us great pleasure to invite all Sisters and Brothers to serve as Grand Guards and Grand Guardians at our upcoming Grand Chapter Session.  To help with this very important job, it is not necessary that you are an Officer in your Chapter


All Brothers are asked to wear tuxedos or dark suits, and all Sisters are asked to wear a color formal of their choosing. 


IMPORTANT:  Please complete the forms below and return them to Brother Robert “Bob” Otte Grand Sentinel, as soon as possible.  Extra copies of this form may be made.


All who are serving as Grand Guards and Grand Guardians are asked to meet with our Grand Sentinel, Robert “Bob” Otte, on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in the East at the Kellogg Arena.



Many Treasured Memories, 

Patricia A. Ahl                                                                        Lawrence H. Van Norwick

Worthy Grand Matron                                                             Worthy Grand Patron                                                



Send to:  Robert “Bob” Otte, 21305 Robinwood Street, Farmington, MI  48336-5082

(      ) I will serve as a Grand Guard                             (      ) I will serve as a Grand Guardian




Address ___________________________________________________________________


Chapter Name and Number ______________________________________________


Send to:  Robert “Bob” Otte, 21305 Robinwood Street, Farmington, MI  48336-5082


(      ) I will serve as a Grand Guard                             (      ) I will serve as a Grand Guardian


Name _________________________________________________________________________


Address _______________________________________________________________________


Chapter Name and Number _______________________________________________________





At the




OCTOBER 13-14-15, 2015




You are NEEDED to serve during our Convention in October.


We need to have you within the Grand Chapter room, to assist our members when the need arises, as you have so capably done in the past.  “The more hands, the lighter the load” is certainly true in this case – the more volunteers we have the fewer the hours any one person will need to work.


Nurses will be needed from Monday, October 13th through Installation Thursday, October 15th, 2015 during those times that there are Sessions or rehearsals in progress.  We want everyone to be assured that whenever any of our members are seated in the Auditorium someone is there if help is needed.


Please fill out the form below and send it to the First Aid Chairman as soon as possible.


Thank you for this very important contribution of Service to the members of our Order and to our visitors.



Patricia A. Ahl, Worthy Grand Matron

Lawrence H. VanNorwick, Worthy Grand Patron


MAIL TO:  Mr David Snider, 14685 Center Road, Bath, MI  48808  -  Phone (517) 641-6834



NAME___________________________________________R.N.(   ) L.P.N.(   ) Med. Asst. (   )


ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________


CHAPTER _______________________________________________NO.______________


I will be attending on the following dates and would like to volunteer my services.


____________________________Times available__________________________________


____________________________Times available__________________________________


___________________________Times available__________________________________





Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


May 2015






If you would like to have something to do at Grand Chapter, we have an opportunity for you.  The registration of our members and guests requires many volunteers.  If you are willing to give some time, be it all day or for an hour or two, we know you will enjoy the experience. 


Registration volunteers are needed for Sunday, October 11 through Wednesday, October 14.  Volunteers are needed for the following Registration schedule:  


            Sunday, October 11 - 12:00 noon through 3:00 p.m.

            Monday, October 12 – 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.

            Tuesday, October 13 – 9:00 a.m. until start of Evening Session

            Wednesday, October 14 – 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 noon, then only between Afternoon and Evening Sessions



Please complete the form below and send it to the Registration Chairman no later than July 1, 2015.  The schedule will be sent to volunteers by August 30.


Thank you for this very important contribution of Service to the members of our Order and to our visitors.


Patricia A. Ahl, Worthy Grand Matron

Lawrence H. VanNorwick, Worthy Grand Patron


MAIL TO:  Mrs. Helen Milbourne, 13361 Turner Road, Grand Ledge, MI  48837-9504  Telephone (517) 649-8925





ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________


CITY, STATE, ZIP __________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE NUMBER _____________________________________________________


CHAPTER _________________________________________________________NO.______________


I would like to volunteer my services on the following date(s) and times.


______________________________Times available__________________________________


______________________________Times available__________________________________


______________________________Times available__________________________________



Get your Reservations in as soon as possible


June 20, 2015

at Alma in the Doig Chapel


Support your Masonic Pathways Boutique and Paws for a Cause

Chapter Basket for Silent Auction at Chapel by 12:30pm for set-up



Advance Registation $20.00

Variety Show 2:30PM-4:00PM

Please send your reservation and remittance to:

John Strader by June 10, 2015

Make checks payable to Grand Chapter of Michigan


Who's Going to Appear???  God, Supremes, Sony and Cher, Maybe Mini Pearl or Red Skeleton and many more!




Ontario Grand Chapter


“Centennial Legacy Year”








August 29-31 and September 1, 2015

Toronto, Canada


Please join the AHL-VAN NORWICK Grand Family as they travel by bus to Ontario Grand Chapter, being held in Toronto, Canada.

Our Canadian friends always look forward to sharing this time with us and we are always warmly welcomed.


Passport or enhanced driver’s license required.


Information to follow soon.


This is a very special anniversary for our Canadian friends and Larry and I are hoping to have a full bus to celebrate with them.





Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary

May 2015


1        Reception to Honor Grand Committee Members, Karen Kashner, Notes of Cheer, Royal Oak Chapter #392, Gregg Nowacek, Masonic Relations, Clawson Chapter #495, and Gail Kwiatkowski, WGM’s Secretary, Pontiac #228, and Ahl - Van Norwick Grand Committee Exemplification. Location: Royal Oak Masonic Temple, 850 Horace Brown Dr., Madison Heights, MI 48071, Dinner: 6:00 p.m., Receiving Line: 7:00 p.m. GCEX: 7:30 p.m., Cost: $12.00, Payable to: Royal Oak Chapter #392. Limited seating. Reservations: Joyce Staten. Deadline: 4/25/15,


2        Mallet Club – Location: Linden Masonic Temple, 119 N. Bridge, Linden, MI 48451,

Time: 2:00 p.m.


5    School of Instruction - Fern Leaf Host Chapter - Audit Books: 5:30 p.m., Start time: Promptly at 7:00 p.m. Location: 355 Napoleon Rd., Michigan Center, MI 49254. This school is for the following chapters: Tecumseh, Fairfield, River Raisin, Samaria, Fern Leaf, Parma-Springport, Howell, Pickney. Attire: OES Casual and Formal for Grand Officers.


6    Heart of the Mitten Association Annual Meeting Hosted by Zenobia Chapter #129, Location: 413 Coker, Farwell, MI 48622, Registration: 11:00 a.m., Lunch: 12:00 noon, Program: 1:00 p.m., Cost: $9:00, Payable to: Diane Tiedeman, Remit to: Diane Tiedeman. Reservation due by: April 24, 2015, Attire: OES Casual.


7    School of Instruction - Corinthian Host Chapter - Audit Books: 5:30 p.m., Start time: Promptly at 7:00 p.m.. 4371 West U Avenue, Schoolcraft, MI 49087. This school is for the following chapters: Corinthian, Mendon, Three Rivers, America, Niles, Paw Paw Lawton, Ideal, Edwardsburg.

Attire: OES Casual and Formal for Grand Officers.


8-9 Michigan/Ontario Friendship Night – Location: Parkhills, Ontario, Information available from:

      Barb Rocque.. Bus Trip Reservation deadline: 3/29/15. Cost: See breakdown on Flyer

Itinerary (tentative):

5/8/15 - Depart from various locations (times to be defined)

5/9/15 - Continental Breakfast in hotel. 1:00 p.m. Registration, 2:00 p.m. G.O.E.X. by MI Gr. Officers, 4:00 p.m. Social hour (open bar), 5:00 p.m. Banquet, 7:00 p.m. Entertainment

TBD Return to Michigan.


12  School of Instruction - Atlanta Host Chapter - Audit Books: 5:30 p.m., Start time: Promptly

at 7:00 p.m.. Location: 12696 Jerome St. at M-32, Atlanta, MI 49709. This school is for the following chapters: Alpena, Primrose, Grayling, Atlanta, Lincoln. Attire: OES Casual and

Formal for Grand Officers.


14  Cass-Van Buren County Association Meeting, Location: Paw Paw-Lawton Temple, 234 E. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw, MI 49079, Registration: 11:00 a.m., Lunch: Noon – Pot Luck, bring a dish to pass, meat and table service provided, Meeting: 1:00 p.m., Reservations: Phyllis Haynor. Deadline: 5/8/15. Attire: OES Casual


15  Berrien County Association cordially invites you to attend the Sunflower Session, Hosted by America Chapter #234, Location: Southwest Masonic Center, 3661 E. Napier Ave., Benton Harbor, MI 49022, Registration: 9:30 a.m. & light refreshments, Meeting & Tributes: 10:00 a.m.,

Luncheon following the meeting (no charge). Lunch RSVP to Connie Kilburn by 5/1/15. Attire: OES Casual


16  LOCATION CHANGE - Southwestern District Association, NEW Location: America Chapter #234, Southwestern Michigan Masonic Center, 3661 E. Napier Ave., Benton Harbor, MI. Registration: 11:00 a.m., Lunch: Noon, Program: 1:00 p.m., Cost: $9.00. Payable to: Southwestern District Association, Send To: Gloria Norris. Deadline: 5/6/15. Attire: OES Casual


17  PAGO Club meeting will be 5/17/15, Location: Crystal Springs Camp and Retreat Center, 33774 Crystal Springs St., Dowagiac, MI 49047. Registration: 12:00 Noon, Lunch: 1:00 p.m., with meeting to follow. Cost: $13.00, Payable to: PAGO Club, Reservations to: Linda Koshowsky, Secretary. Attire: OES Casual. Deadline: 5/10/15.


18-19 Grand Lodge – Traverse City


22  Reception – Nourmahal Chapter #282 is honoring John Strader, Variety Show Chairman, and

Gloria Timm, Gr. Representative to Alberta. Location: Forest Township Hall, 130 E. Main St. Otisville, MI 48463. Registration: 5:00 p.m., Dinner: 6:00 p.m., Program following dinner. Potluck dinner - Bring a dish to pass. RSVP for Count Only to: Betty Pafford. Attire: Casual - If you wear Jeans $5.00 will be collected for donation to Grand Chapter Charities.


23  Reception – Ypsilanti Chapter #119 is honoring Grand Representative’s Carl Rufus, Puerto Rico in Michigan and JoAnne Decker, Tennessee in Michigan and the Hunnicutt-Kennedy and Wojack-Miller Grand Family’s. Location: Ypsilanti Masonic Temple, 5752 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Registration: 11:00 a.m., Lunch: Noon, Program: Following Lunch, Cost: $12.00, Payable to: Ypsilanti Chapter #119, Send to: Mary Grace Gordon. Reservations Due by: 5/16/15, Attire: OES Casual.


29  GOEX and Reception for Margie Henderson, Grand Warder and the Ahl-Van Norwick Grand Family, Hosted by Flint Chapter #138, Location: Flint Masonic Temple, 755 South Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502, Registration: 4:30 p.m. Dinner: 5:30 p.m., GOEX: 7:00 p.m., Cost: $15.00, Payable to: Flint Chapter #138, Send to: Connie Arnould. Deadline: 5/21/15, Attire: Formal.


30  Montcalm Mecosta County Association Annual Meeting, Location:  Maple Valley Complex, 239 First St., Trufant, MI (across the street from Masonic Lodge), Registration: 9 a.m., Business Meeting: 10 a.m. business meeting, Lunch: Noon, Memorial & Installation: 1:00 p.m. Cost: $8.00, RSVP to: Maureen Cox by 5/20/15. This meeting will be the consolidation of Montcalm Mecosta County Association & Isabella-Gratiot County Association.  Attire: OES Casual


 Direct questions regarding the Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary to her

Secretary, Gail L. Kwiatkowski   Cell: 248-556-6291     email:




(June 1, 2014 – May 31, 2015)

(Any Chapter donations not mailed to & processed through Grand Chapter)


Please return to the Grand Chapter Office by June 30, 2015



Chapter Name and No. __________________________________________________________________



NAME OF CHARITY                                                               AMOUNT

__________________________________________           _______________

__________________________________________           _______________

__________________________________________           _______________

__________________________________________          ________________



Order Form

2014 Book of Proceedings


If you desire a 2014 “Our World of Knowledge” Book of Proceedings, please complete this form and RETURN NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2015 to the Grand Chapter Office, 13464 Preston Drive, Suite 250, Marshall, MI  49068-9684 or email your order to:  (No orders will be accepted after June 1st.)


                              Book Type                       Quantity                   Price Per Copy



                        Hardcover Books are no longer available.


                   Softcover Book              ________________        x         $40.00 ea


                   CD                                 ________________        x         $10.00 ea



Name ____________________________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________________


City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________


Please do not pre-pay.  An invoice will be included with your order.





Is now located within the forms on