May mailing from the Grand Secretary




May 2016

Dear Secretary:

 One of your responsibilities is to help keep your Chapter informed.  Please share the contents of this mailing with your Worthy Matron so she may plan her meeting and take care of matters that might need the action of your Chapter.   As Chapter Secretary you are expected to print ALL pages of the monthly mailings, if they are received via e-mail.  Even the pages you are not required to read at the meeting must be printed for your files and for members to read if they request.  ALL documents in the monthly mailing carry the same importance however some are not required to be read in their entirety at the meeting. 




1)      MESSAGE FROM THE WORTHY GRAND MATRON AND PATRON.  (1 Pg)  This is to be read in its entirety to your members at the stated meeting of your Chapter.

2)      SERVICE DOGS ETIQUETTE.  (1 Pg)  The Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron would like this letter read in its entirety at your stated meeting.




3)      MEMORIAL TRIBUTE – PGM BLYTHE PARKS – (1 Flyer) Please read at least the front page and drape the Chapter Altar. 

4)      UNDER THE BIG TOP CARNIVAL – (1 Pg)  Encourage your members to join in this fun day. 

5)      CONVENTION – INVITATION TO SERVE AS A GRAND GUARD OR GUARDIAN.  (1 Form) Encourage your members to participate at Grand Chapter.

6)      CONVENTION – SESSION NURSES NEEDED.  (1Form)  Encourage your members with medical training/skills to assist at Grand Chapter.

7)      CONVENTION – REGISTRATION VOLUNTEERS MEMBERS NEEDED.  (1 Form)  If any of your members are interested in volunteering for a short time to help register our members and guests at Grand Chapter, please have them return this form.

8)      CONVENTION – EAST USHERS NEEDED.  (1 Form)  If any of your Brothers are willing to serve as an usher at the foot of the ramp to the East, please provide them with this form.




11)  WORTHY GRAND MATRON’S ITINERARY.  (2 Pg)  Please remind the members you have this information.

12)  CONTRIBUTIONS TO MISCELLANEOUS CHARITIES.  (1 Form)  Please return to the Grand Secretary by June 30 to be included in the Advance Book of Proceedings for Grand Chapter.

13)  2015 BOOK OF PROCEEDINGS ORDER FORM.  (1 Form)  Please let your members know if they would like a Proceedings book or CD from 2014 to please complete this form.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Secretary, please share the following with your members:



May 31 is the deadline to submit proposed legislation for the Grand Chapter Session in October.  It must be submitted to the Grand Secretary and Jurisprudence Committee, with the seal of the Chapter and the appropriate signatures.  Please see the Law Book, page 42, Article 35. Amendments. 



The Easter Vesper Service collections have been coming to the Grand Chapter Office.  Thank you to all Michigan members for your continued generosity to all your charities.   Secretaryif you have not mailed your Chapter

Easter Vesper Service offering please do so as soon as possible.  Thank you.



Following are updates to the Directory since the last circular.  

Page 12 – Legal Advisor, Diana Bares email address

Page 13 – Frederick Miller should be included on the list of Chapter Consultants –

Page 17  – Starliner Junior Editor Tammy Fish has a new phone number, she is also secretary of Wenona  No. 162 on Page 45; Page 38 – Ypsilanti No. 119 secretary Mary Grace Gordon’s email address

Page 55 - Fenton No. 248 stated meetings are on the third Wednesday (no longer the second Friday);

Page 57 – Parma Springport No. 270 secretary Barbara Dawson’s new email address

Page 71 – Presque Isle No. 403 meeting times are now 7:00 p.m.




The June circular will contain all necessary information and forms for this year’s Grand Chapter session - please watch for that mailing.  All members wishing to receive a ballot to vote at Grand Chapter must be registered by NOON on Wednesday, October 12 – NO EXCEPTIONS.   


A current dues receipt (card) must be shown at time of registration.  This will be the 2017 card (color unknown at this time).  Secretary - please take note of this and remind your members planning to attend Grand Chapter, they must pay their 2017 dues and fees to obtain their dues receipt before Grand Chapter.



SICKNESS AND DISTRESS (and other notes)

Many of these were reported earlier via email notices.

- PGM Jean Bateman is hospitalized in Florida.  She has been staying with her daughter.

- Richard, husband of PGM Alma Hunnicutt, lost his sister Betty Winans on April 8.  .

- Dianne Sweet, Grand Representative of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island is very ill. 

- Corey, Grand Representative of North Dakota and husband of WGM Lori Strickland, was hospitalized in March.  He has been traveling with Lori recently.



Secretary, The following is information for you:



Envelopes from the Associate Grand Matron to Chapter Associate Matrons have been mailed.  A note in the envelope stated that if the Associate Matron does not plan to advance to the East the information in the envelope needs to be given to the Chapter Secretary.  Secretary – please make sure the Sister planning to fill the office of Worthy Matron for 2016-2017 receives the envelope as soon as possible – it contains dated material.  Thank you.



New Rituals – per the Right Worthy Grand Secretary, it will be at least another couple months before the newly printed Rituals will be available.  A communication will be sent as soon as we hear the type and price.


Ritual Updates – Stickers are available now to update Rituals with the signatures (on page 6) of Most Worthy Grand Matron Rennie Ofton or Bobbi White.  The prices for the stickers are $2.00 each for large print and $1.00 each for small print.   Tax and postage will be in addition to these prices.  Reminder - Every Chapter needs to update the two Chapter Rituals before the School of Instruction next year.


Mary A. Ivey, Grand Secretary

Email -



Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


May 2016


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Spring has finally sprung in our beautiful state, and our calendar as well as our activities are blooming like the tulips!


The Michigan Special Olympics summer games volunteer site is up and running.  You can register yourself, or a whole group to assist in specific areas of the games which will be held on the campus of Central Michigan University June 2-4.  The form can be found at  Please be sure to let Debbie Moore know what your Chapter has done to support our Special Olympians so that she can include it in her report to Grand Chapter in October. 


For those of you who are planning on joining us for our trip to Toronto in August, please get your deposit in by the end of May.  Final payment is due in July, but we need to know if we should reserve one bus or if we will have enough for two!  It promises to be a fun and relaxing time for all. 


Keep doing the great works in your community!  You are making a difference with your loving kindness and generous hospitality.  We look forward to seeing you on the road!




Lori L. Strickland                                                      Raymond N. Abbey

Worthy Grand Matron                                              Worthy Grand Patron



Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Just a quick reminder about how we, as the public, should act/react when we meet someone that has a service dog with them.  Part of our responsibility as supporters of the service dogs is to educate ourselves and our friends on proper etiquette when we encounter a team.   Feel free to post this notice on your bulletin boards at your Masonic Center.


What should I do when I see a Service Dog? What is proper Service Dog etiquette?

Smile and be polite to the Service Dog’s handler, but most of all:

  •   Do not pet the Service Dog
  •   Do not distract the Service Dog in any way

Service Dog etiquette says when Service Dog has a vest on or is in public with its disabled handler (or trainer), it is working, even if it appears as though it is not. Distracting a Service Dog by making noises, offering food, water, toys or petting may be dangerous to the dog’s disabled handler, especially if the dog is a medical alert dog or brace/mobility support dog. Many handlers have “invisible disabilities,” such as diabetes, hearing loss or other symptoms not readily apparent  and if a Service Dog is paying attention to someone who’s distracting her, she’s not doing her job for her handler.


If you would like to pet the Service Dog, ALWAYS ask the handler first, but don’t be offended if they refuse. Some disabled Service Dog handlers don’t like to chat about their Service Dogs. Most like to go about their day, just like you! Also, never ask personal questions about the handler’s disability or intrude on their privacy. Keep these simple Service Dog etiquette tips in mind, and you’ll have a far smoother experience when you see a Service Dog in public.




Lori L. Strickland                                                      Raymond N. Abbey

Worthy Grand Matron                                              Worthy Grand Patron




In Memoriam



Past Grand Matron of Michigan



Member of Linden Chapter No. 175


Born January 28, 1917 in Flint, Michigan

Passed Away February 23, 2016, Kalamazoo, Michigan


“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O, Lord, my strength, and my Redeemer.”

Psalms 19:14



In Tribute to the Life of

Blythe F. Parks

Past Grand Matron of Michigan



On January 28, 1917 in Flint, Michigan little Blythe Hager was born to Clara and Floyd Hager. She and her sister Marian grew up and attended school in Flint graduating from high school there. Blythe remained in the area for many years. Her life from childhood to adulthood is somewhat a mystery known only to her family and close friends.


On October 26, 1935 she married the love of her life Clyde A. Parks. They shared 46 years of wedded bliss and to this union four sons were born, David, Roger, Richard and Paul.


Blythe’s Fraternal life began on January 17, 1947 when she and Clyde were initiated into Swartz Creek Chapter No. 430. Clyde was a member of Swartz Creek Lodge No. 458 which gave Blythe her Masonic affiliation. Eastern Star became a way of life for her beginning with her initiation. She served her Swartz Creek Chapter in various capacities including the offices of Organist and Star Points Ruth, Esther and Electa. Then after advancing through the line she took her place as Worthy Matron in 1953-1954. The following year then Worthy Grand Matron Grace L. Richards appointed Blythe Grand Representative of New Hampshire in Michigan. This appointment led the way to her service to Grand Chapter and eventually a Committee appointment in General Grand Chapter.


In 1962 then Worthy Grand Matron Doris M. Waldo and Worthy Grand Patron George J. Soden selected Blythe to be a Grand Chapter Counselor. That appointment was followed in 1963 by then Worthy Grand Matron Pearl Rowell and Worthy Grand Patron R. Frederic Keicher appointing Blythe as their Grand Ruth. This fueled the spark for further service to Grand Chapter and in 1965 she was elected Associate Grand Conductress.


Robert Reighard was elected to join Blythe in the Grand Chapter East as Worthy Grand Patron and they presided over their “New Century” Session in 1968. It culminated a year of Happiness filled with bee Hives, Sheafs and Clasped Hands. They promoted Instruction, Scholarships, Membership and Grand Chapter Charities throughout their year of service. That year Instruction took on a different form from previous years and was said to have been well received. Associations were invited to contribute $100.00 each for special scholarships resulting in nearly 50 being presented. Membership was encouraged with all first line signers of petitions receiving a Busy-Bee pin. All Chapters who had a net increase were awarded a Certificate at Grand Chapter. The Every Member Project was promoted to help support the Grand Chapter Charities.


Blythe and Robert selected “New Century” as the name for their session and hoping it would remind everyone to count the blessings of the past and be mindful of the heritage left by leaders from the first century. The Statue of Liberty was the focal point of the Flag Presentation that year. Blythe commented in her closing remars, “The statue in the New York Harbor was given to the United States through the efforts of the Freemasons of France.” Following Blythe’s year in the Grand Chapter East she was chosen to be part of the General Grand Chapter Cancer Committee during the 1970-1973 Triennium. In 2001 her Swartz Creek Chapter consolidated with Linden Chapter No. 175.


Blythe was a homemaker at heart and cherished her family. She was a member of the Methodist Church and no doubt gave of her time and energies there as well.


A daughter-in-law shared that Blythe treated her as the daughter she never had. Never getting upset and always understanding were traits that endeared her to everyone she encountered. Blythe shared her joy of homemaking with her daughters-in-law and granddaughters by making each of them personalized receipe book. One granddaughter remembers that special chocolate chip cookies and time spent baking with her. She was a caring person with a wealth of patience.


She shared in the Youth programs and took special interest in Job’s Daughters when a future daughter-in-law and later a granddaughter as well were active. Blythe encouraged her daughter-in-law to join Eastern Star and even arranged for her Grand Family to do the Exemplification of Degrees.


Blythe is remembered for being fearless, enjoying the Magic Mountain roller coaster at Disney. She would ride it several times in repetition to the amazement of her granddaughter.


Blythe Parks was a person of kindness, wit, support and love. She was a woman who enjoyed a challenge, always with grace and dignity.


In her 99 years of life she suffered loss, that of three sons David, Roger and Richard; her beloved Clyde and a sister Marian Gunderson. She leaves to cherish her memory a son, Paul (Linda) Parks; nine grandchildren; many great-grandchildren and daughters-in-law Kathy, Nina and Sherry.


On Saturday, February 27, 2016 an Eastern Star Memorial Service was held at the Joldersma & Klein Funeral Home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Several Eastern Star members from the area conducted the service for the family. Later Blythe was laid to rest at Sunset Hills Cemetery in Flint, Michigan.


“Where you go, I will go and where you stay, I will stay,

…nothing but death shall divide us.” (NEV)

Ruth 1:16 and 18


Submitted with Fraternal Love

Mary A. Ivey, Grand Secretary




Under the Big Top


Brought to you by the Strickland/Abbey Grand Family

And your

Puppy Power Committee


July 30, 2016


At Masonic Pathways, Alma, Michigan


-      A day of enjoyment for everyone


Puppet Show – 2:00pm-3:00PM

Games for all ages

Entrance Fee: Fee

Side Show

Parking: $5.00 at the door







RSVP for Head count only to Karlyn Cierlik

Dress: Casual (jeans allowed)






At the




OCTOBER 11, 12, 13, 2016


Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

It gives us great pleasure to invite all Sisters and Brothers to serve as Grand Guards and Grand Guardians at our upcoming Grand Chapter Session.  To help with this very important job, it is not necessary that you are an Officer in your Chapter

All Brothers are asked to wear tuxedos or dark suits, and all Sisters are asked to wear a color formal of their choosing. 

IMPORTANT:  Please complete the forms below and return them to Brother Thomas “Tom” Huis Grand Sentinel, as soon as possible.  Extra copies of this form may be made.

All who are serving as Grand Guards and Grand Guardians are asked to meet with our Grand Sentinel, Thomas “Tom” Huis, on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in the East at the Kellogg Arena.



Lori L. Strickland                                                                   Raymond N. Abbey

Worthy Grand Matron                                                            Worthy Grand Patron                                                

Send to:  Thomas “Tom” Huis, 1202 Barber Road, Hastings, MI  49058-9481


(      ) I will serve as a Grand Guard                             (      ) I will serve as a Grand Guardian


Name ________________________________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________________


Chapter Name and Number ______________________________________________________________


Send to:  Thomas “Tom” Huis, 1202 Barber Road, Hastings, MI  49058-9481


(      ) I will serve as a Grand Guard                             (      ) I will serve as a Grand Guardian


Name _______________________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________________


Chapter Name and Number _____________________________________________________________











At the




OCTOBER 11-12-13, 2016




You are NEEDED to serve during our Convention in October.


We need to have you within the Grand Chapter room, to assist our members when the need arises, as you have so capably done in the past.  “The more hands, the lighter the load” is certainly true in this case – the more volunteers we have the fewer the hours any one person will need to work.


Nurses will be needed from Monday, October 10th through Installation Thursday, October 13th, 2016 during those times that there are Sessions or rehearsals in progress.  We want everyone to be assured that whenever any of our members are seated in the Auditorium someone is there if help is needed.


Please fill out the form below and send it to the First Aid Chairman as soon as possible.


Thank you for this very important contribution of Service to the members of our Order and to our visitors.



Lori L. Strickland, Worthy Grand Matron

Raymond N. Abbey, Worthy Grand Patron


MAIL TO:  Mr David Snider, 14685 Center Road, Bath, MI  48808  -  Phone (517) 641-6834



NAME________________________________________________________R.N.(   ) L.P.N.(   ) Med. Asst. (   )


ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________


CHAPTER ______________________________________________________________NO.______________


I will be attending on the following dates and would like to volunteer my services.


________________________________________Times available__________________________________


________________________________________Times available__________________________________


________________________________________Times available_____________



Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Of Michigan


May 2016






If you would like to have something to do at Grand Chapter, we have an opportunity for you.  The registration of our members and guests requires many volunteers.  If you are willing to give some time, be it all day or for an hour or two, we know you will enjoy the experience. 


Registration volunteers are needed for Sunday, October 9 through Wednesday, October 12.  Volunteers are needed for the following Registration schedule:


            Sunday, October 9 - 12:00 noon through 3:00 p.m.

            Monday, October 10 – 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.

            Tuesday, October 11 – 9:00 a.m. until start of Evening Session

            Wednesday, October 12 – 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 noon, then only between Afternoon and Evening Sessions



Please complete the form below and send it to the Registration Chairman no later than July 1, 2016.  The schedule will be sent to volunteers by August 30.


Thank you for this very important contribution of Service to the members of our Order and to our visitors.


Lori L. Strickland, Worthy Grand Matron

Raymond N. Abbey, Worthy Grand Patron


MAIL TO:  Mrs. Helen Milbourne, 13361 Turner Road, Grand Ledge, MI  48837-9504  Telephone (517) 649-8925





ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________


CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE NUMBER ___________________________________________________________________


CHAPTER ______________________________________________________________NO.______________


I would like to volunteer my services on the following date(s) and times.


________________________________________Times available__________________________________


________________________________________Times available__________________________________


________________________________________Times available__________________



C. David Fowler                                                                                                                                      April 1, 2016

9650 US Highway 12

Brooklyn, Mi 49230


Dear Brothers,

Our Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Lori Strickland, has given me the responsibility for scheduling “East Ushers” for the “Every Mile a Memory” Session of Grand Chapter in October 2016.  The dates are October 11 through 13, 2016.

I, or a designated lead, will meet with the East Ushers on Tuesday morning 10/11/16 at noon behind the Grand Organist and each morning one half hour prior to the daily session beginning.  I will send schedules to all prior to the session, but will have additional copies available at that time.

East Ushers are brothers who assist our members up the incline when going to the East for introductions and reports.  They work in teams of four (4) for approximately 1 ½ hours during the Session.  Preferable dress is a Tux or dark suit and tie.

Please fill out the bottom portion of this letter and return it to me at the above address, if you are interested in participating.  You may also phone your response to me at 586-405-3903 or e-mail me at:

A timely response would be appreciated.



C. David Fowler

_____ I am going to Grand Chapter and will be pleased to help in assisting as an East Usher

I am available on Tuesday afternoon______, Tuesday evening _____, Wednesday morning _____, Wednesday afternoon _____, Thursday morning _____, Thursday afternoon installation _____.

_____ Sorry, I will not be able to help this year.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________Zip ______________

Chapter Name and Number: _____________________________________________________________

Write any special requests here: __________________________________________________________




Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary

May 2016


 4   Heart of the Mitten 10th annual meeting at Harrison Chapter #408, 230 Main, Harrison, MI 48625.  Registration: 11:00 am; Lunch: 12:00 pm; Meeting: 1:00 pm.  Make checks payable to Harrison Chapter #408. Reservation with remittance of $8.00 by April 25, 2016 to Susan Phenix.

 6   Phoenix Workshop at Hastings Chapter #7, 104 E State St, Hastings, MI 49058; potluck: 6:00 pm with workshop to follow.  Contact JoAnn Guernsey for reservation.

 7   Mallet Club of Michigan’s Annual Meeting at Wacousta Masonic Temple, 9030 Herbison Road, Eagle, MI 48822.   11:00 am: Annual Meeting in the Chapter room; hors d’oeuvres on the main floor; 12:30 pm: Dinner in the dining room: ham, baked potatoes w/sour cream, broccoli, fish fry cole slaw, rolls w/butter, dessert, coffee, tea, water, milk.  2:00 pm: Installation of Officers on the main floor.  Door prizes.  50/50 drawing.  Reservations and remittance of $10.00 per person to Wacousta Chapter #133, OES, c/o Carol Orsborn, by April 30, 2016.

13  Grand Officer Exemplification and Reception honoring Arlene Vanhout, Grand Ruth and Ruth Nurrie, Grand Representative of Virginia at Kalamazoo County Masonic Center, 4371 W. U Ave, Schoolcraft, MI 49087.  Registration: 4:30 pm; Dinner: 5:30 pm; GOEX: 7:00 pm.  Cost of dinner $12.00 payable to Corinthian Chapter #123, OES.  Reservations and remittance to Mr. Larry Hoekstra, by May 7, 2016.  Attire: Formal.

14  Southwestern District Association Annual Meeting at Kalamazoo County Masonic Center, 4371 W “U” Ave, Schoolcraft, MI 49087.  Registration: 11:00 am; Lunch: 12:00 pm; Meeting: 1:00 pm; Installation following.  Reservations with remittance of $10.00 payable to SWDA by May 5, 2016 to Phyllis Haynor.  Attire:  OES Casual.

15  PAGO, Ypsilanti Masonic Temple, 5752 Whittaker Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.  Registration: 1:00 pm; Lunch: 2:00 pm, Cost: $15.00.  Reservations and remittance to Jessie Ripari, by May 8, 2016.  Attire:  Travel attire.

16        Sock Hop honoring William Kehrer, Photographer Strickland-Abbey Grand Family, Martha Washington Chapter #113, at Saginaw Masonic Center, 2655 N Center Rd, Saginaw, MI 48603.  Registration: 5:00 pm; Dinner: 6:00 pm.  Reservations and remittance of $15.00 payable to Martha Washington #113 by May 9, 2016, to Bernie McSweyn.  Dress:  50’s & 60’s - jeans are welcome.

17  Reception honoring Lois Mattison Grand Representative of Rhode Island and Linden Chapter’s Past Matrons and Patrons, at Linden Masonic Temple, 119 N. Bridge St, Linden, MI 48451.  Registration: 5:00 pm; Dinner: 6:00 pm; Program follows.  Cost of dinner: $15.00 payable to Linden Chapter #175.  Reservations and remittance to Marilyn Ivey-Crook, by May 10, 2016.  Limited seating.  Attire:  OES casual.

18  Grand Officer Exemplification and Reception for Janet Palmer, Grand Adah and Karen Ray, Merging Traffic at Masonic Pathways, Doig Chapel, 1200 Wright Ave, Alma, MI 48801.  Registration: 4:00 pm; Dinner: 5:00 pm; GOEX: 7:00 pm.  Cost of dinner: $16.00 made payable to Breckenridge OES #323.  Reservations and remittance to Edith Humm, Secretary, by May 9, 2016.  Attire:  Formal.

20  Reception for Janet Denslow, Construction Zone Pathways Boutique and Claudia Zimmerman, Grand Representative of Scotland, and the Strickland-Abbey and Ahl-VanNorwick Grand families at Rockford  Sportsman Club, 11115 Northland Dr, Rockford, MI 49341.  Registration: 4:30 pm; Dinner: 6:00 pm; Cost: $15.00 payable to Rockford Chapter #215; program to follow.  Reservations and remittance to Dixie Wells, by May 6, 2016.  Attire:  OES casual.

21  Michigan - Ontario “Friends Across the Bridge” at Mt. Morris Masonic Temple, 810 North Street, Mt. Morris, MI 48458.  Registration: 4:00 pm; Dinner: 6:00 pm; Entertainment to Follow.  Cost: $15.00 person payable to Mt. Morris Chapter #474.  Reservations and remittance to Mt. Morris Chapter #474, c/o Deborah Lewis. Attire:  OES casual or pay $5.00 to wear jeans.  Block of rooms have been set aside for May 21st at America’s Best Value Inn, 9235 E Birch Run Rd, Birch Run, MI 48415, tel: 989-624-4440.  Please mention Order of the Eastern Star when making reservations.

24  Reception honoring Janeen Balanadkie, Grand Representative of Ontario and Ruth Anderson, Grand Representative of Kentucky, at Jefferson #489, 22000 Eleven Mile Rd, Ste 4, St Clair Shores, MI 48081-1670.  Registration: 5:00 pm; Dinner: 6:00 pm with entertainment to follow.  Cost: $12.00 Reservations and remittance to Andrea Troutman, by May 10, 2016.  Attire: OES Casual.

25  Reception honoring Jill Cherwinski, Grand Representative of Colorado and Marilyn Barnard, Grand Representative of Nebraska, at Vienna Chapter #283, 714 N. Mill St, Clio, MI 48420.  Registration: 4:30 pm; Dinner: 6:00 pm; Program: 7:00 pm.  Cost of dinner $15.00 payable to Vienna Chapter #283.  Reservations and remittance to Jane Revere, due by May 17, 2016.  Attire:  Formal.

27  Grand Officer Exemplification and Reception for Connie Chick, Grand Organist; Cris Hammer, Grand Soloist; Bonnie Buckner, Tourist Trap; Maureen Cox, Construction Zone; Christine Hammer, Grand Representative of Minnesota in Michigan and the Strickland-Abbey Grand Family and the Ahl-VanNorwick Grand Family at the Belding Masonic Lodge, 211 E Main, Belding, MI 48809.  Registration: 4:00 pm; Presentations: 5:00 pm; Dinner: 5:30 pm; GOEX: 7:00 pm.  Cost: $15.00 payable to Doric Chapter #75.  Reservations and remittance to Marjorie Ackerson, by May 10, 2016 (no refund after due date).  Attire: Formal.

31  Reception honoring Pamela Waack, Grand Representative of South Carolina at Livonia Masonic Center, 27705 W Seven Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48152.   Registration: 5:30 pm; Dinner: 6:30 pm; program and entertainment to follow.  Remittance of $10.00 payable to Victoria Chapter #290.  Reservations and remittance to Loraine McClure, by May 24, 2016; Limited seating.  Attire: casual (slacks - no jeans).



Direct questions regarding the Worthy Grand Matron’s Itinerary to her Secretary,

Crissey Burtt    Phone: 906-635-3368 Cell: 270-547-9540    email:






(June 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016)

(Any Chapter donations not mailed to & processed through Grand Chapter)


Please return to the Grand Chapter Office by June 30, 2016



Chapter Name and No. ______________________________________________________________________



NAME OF CHARITY                                                                                                                         AMOUNT





































Order Form

2015 Book of Proceedings



If you desire a 2015 “Our Treasured Memories” Book of Proceedings, please complete this form and RETURN NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2016 to the Grand Chapter Office, 13464 Preston Drive, Suite 250, Marshall, MI  49068-9684 or email your order to:  (No orders will be accepted after June 1st.)




                              Book Type                       Quantity                  



                        Hardcover Books are no longer available.



                   Softcover Spiral-bound Book ________________    



                   Unbound Book (loose pages)  ________________ 



                   CD                                           ________________       






Name ___________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________________


City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________________





An invoice will be included with your order.


We do not have a price for the book at this time.